Property Value
Geographical Properties
City Dawnport
Personal Properties
Gender Unknown.
Race Unknown.
Occupational Properties
Job Adventurer
Other Properties
Version 10.55
September 15, 2014
Status Active
Mr Morris
You see Mr Morris.
"Hey, you. Yes, you. I could use your help.", "Hmmm. Interesting. If only someone could help investigate this.", "I have a quest that needs doing. Interested?", "There's a task for an intrepid adventurer open! Any volunteers?", "So many unsolved mysteries, so many things lost...", "<sigh> The Adventurers' Guild really should have equipped me with more man power. Who's to keep all those monsters in check?", "Hmm? I'm a very busy man. Look into your quest log to keep track of your progress in a quest, please."


Mr Morris is researching several things on Dawnport and is in need of help collecting items and eliminating troublesome monsters.

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Primary NPC in the Dawnport Quest
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