Property Value
Geographical Properties
Nearest City Rathleton
Position 131.14, 124.125, 7
Personal Properties
Gender Male
Race Zombie
Occupational Properties
Job Fisherman
Other Properties
Version 10.7
December 12, 2014
Status Active
Mr Brandon
You see Mr Brandon.
  • Urgh... the... THINGS. I can't forget their horrible sight.
  • What am I to do? I can't go back.
  • <grumble> Maybe I should rearrange some warm currents to get rid of this horrible fog.
  • My ring! My wedding ring! <sigh>
  • WHAT WAS THAT? ... Oh. It's only a shadow in the water. - A SHADOW IN THE WATER? HELP! HELP!! THEY'RE COMING AFTER ME!!


North-west of Rathleton


His full name is Wilbur Fortescue Brandon, he is husband of Roswitha but turned into a Zombie.
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Player: hi
Mr Brandon: Hello. Stranded here, like me? <sigh> Maybe you could assist me in my tragic lot.
Player: assist
Mr Brandon: I have taken a few... things from down there, and now They are angry at me and haunt me. ...
Mr Brandon: I dare not go back down there, but I lost my wedding ring! It means the world to me. ...
Mr Brandon: I will grant you access to places deep under the sea, if you bring back my wedding ring - would you go looking for it at the bottom of the sea?
Player: yes
Mr Brandon: Thank you. I ask much, I know. You will meet horrible creatures that never saw the light of day, and they will come at you. But I hope you will make it back alive. ...
Mr Brandon: Swim into the maelstrom behind me, and you will reach the bottom of the ocean.
Player: job
Mr Brandon: I, er, am some kind of ferryman to the bottom of the sea. Warden of the sea currents. But I really don't like to go back down there. <swallows hard> You can go on your own, you know.
Player: roswitha
Mr Brandon: Ah, my beloved wife. Quick temper and a warm smile. How I miss her cooking. Player: name
Mr Brandon: Technically, I am Wilbur Fortescue Brandon, but that doesn't mean much now.
Player: now
Mr Brandon: After what I have seen, there is no going back. They'll haunt me and everyone here. I have to stand guard!
Player: guard
Mr Brandon: I... I can't tell you.
Player: tell
Mr Brandon: No, really! You would not believe me anyway.
Player: believe
Mr Brandon: That's what you say now, but I know you won't believe me. It is simply too monstrous.
Player: monstrous
Mr Brandon: I have been deep, deep down below. I have seen them.
Player: them
Mr Brandon: I can't say their name or they'll come for me. And if they come for me, they will come for the city, too. I cannot let that happen.
Player: come
Mr Brandon: I entered their lair and took some ... things. I should not have done that, but I did. And they awoke. They came after me.... I fled. ...
Mr Brandon: The mist closed around me like a choking fist. I remember the high sea, rolling and roaring and then - pain. Blackness. When I woke up, I was here. Home.
Player: things
Mr Brandon: I couldn't help it! We are poor, you know! I thought they'd fetch a good price if I sold them to the jeweller. <sigh> But I think they are cursed. They should be brought back where they came from.
Player: back
Mr Brandon: On the bottom of the ocean, there are sunken treasures and strange sites between the reefs. Wrecked ships lie there ... lost cities, drowned temples. ...
Mr Brandon: When I was there, I saw these things, gleaming like lost jewels upon ancient altars. I thought, what use are they to the drowned? So I took them. But then, They awoke and hunted me. I fled in panic. ...
Mr Brandon: But I couldn't let go of the strange things I found. The gold, the nacre... it was so beautiful! Those others... They howled behind me. ...
Mr Brandon: I went wild with fear and swam for my life, dropping the cursed gold. They grabbed me... They roared with anger, and pulled at me with a hundred cold and slimy tentacles, snatching at me. They tore off my wedding ring. Then I escaped. ...
Mr Brandon: Now, I am doomed. Stranded between life and death for a bleak eternity. <sigh>

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