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The Winter Update 2010 brings a new feature to Tibia: Mounts. There will be 12 different types upon release, but more may be added in later updates. They will give a Speed bonus, apart from giving your character a different look. They will be obtainable by getting certain items lootable from certain creatures and talking with NPC Lothar.

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Draptor Draptor 2400 3000 --/--
Stampor Stampor 780 1200 --/--
Midnight Panther Midnight Panther 900 1200 --/--
Undead Cavebear Undead Cavebear 600 450 --/--

{{Infobox Mount|List=List|GetValue= | name = Blazebringer | speed = 10 | taming_method = If you have lit all 10 basins on a successful Lightbearer event, you can ask Santa Claus for a very special present to receive this mount. | achievement = Luminous Kitty | lightcolor = 205 | lightradius = 7 | implemented = 8.7 | notes = You do not need the Deed of Ownership (Book) that you receive from The Lightbearer event to receive this mount. Buying this item from other players will have no effect!

{{Infobox Mount|List=List|GetValue= | name = Black Sheep (Mount) | speed = 10 | taming_method = Use Reins on a Black Sheep. | achievement = Little Ball of Wool | implemented = 8.7 | artwork = Teaser 2 Mounts.jpg | notes = Like all extra content (outfits, mounts zones, etc.) you need a premium account to use mounts, even after being tamed.

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