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[[Image:Map_Mountsternum.jpg|thumb|Map of Mount Sternum]]
Mount Sternum is a mountain located northeast of [[Thais]] and southwest of [[Kazordoon]]. It is home to many wild [[creatures]] such as [[cyclops]] and [[ghoul]]. This was once the only path to from [[Thais]] to the rest of the continent but now a southern road bypasses the mountain. Some adventures and [[quests]] can be found deep within this mountain. This is a very good hunting place, you can advance 10.000 experience in only 20 minutes.
<br>[[Graveyard of the doomed]] with interesting inscriptions can be found deep under Mount Sternum.
Watch out so you don't get sorrounded by the [[Cyclops Smith]]s when at low [[level]]s. It can be your death. If you don't have to travel long distances, you can activate [[Magic Shield]] to pass them safely.
See this hunting place in us special page, on the official website.
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If you need to travel between [[Thais]] and [[Kazordoon]] and get [[level]] at the same time you need to follow this [ route] trough Mount Sternum.
See also other [[Hunting Places]].
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See this hunting place in us special page, on the official website.

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