You see Mortimer
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Explorer's Society post in eastern Northport.


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Trade Details


Item   Value
Explorer Brooch 1Other Items Other Items50
Hydra Egg 1Plants, Animal Products, Food and Drink Plants, Animal Products, Food and Drink500
Old Parchment 1Other Items Other Items500
Giant Smithhammer 2Weapons Weapons250
Skull of Ratha 2Other Items Other Items250
  • 1 By saying (sell/buy) item name.
  • 2 Once per character and by saying item name.


Item   Value
Botanist's Container (Empty) 1Other Items Other Items500
Butterfly Conservation Kit (Empty) 3Other Items Other Items250
Ectoplasm Container 1Other Items Other Items750
Atlas 4Other Items Other Items150
Crown Backpack 5Household Items Household Items800
Orichalcum Pearl 1Other Items Other Items80
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