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Morgana was merged along with Berylia and Iridia into a new world Irmada on November 10, 2014.

Additional info

  • Russel Inferno is the player who has been playing on this world since Morgana was implemented to the game. He was the leader of Morgana in the past but he is not anymore, because he lost the last wars.
  • Craxim was the first player who reached level 100 in Morgana.
  • Nizahe Inferno was the first player who reached level 200 in Morgana.
  • Sliccery was the first player who reached level 250 in Morgana.
  • Victeron was the first player who reached level 300, 400 and 500 in Morgana.
  • Spide Inferno The Highest Tibia Player Record in Drop Boss's. ( Boss's Hunter )
  • Victeron The Leader of Morgana.
  • Pits Of Inferno Quest was first done, on October 14, 2007.
  • The Oldest active guild is Shadowless.
  • Morgana is also known with forum fighting, trolling and jokes and annoying enemey guilds with posts about frags etc.
  • Attacking an Elita members will get you instant entrance to their 'Hunted' list.

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