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Creatures of the woods

The wolf - There are some loner wolves roaming this isle. Wolves are fast, tough and dangerous. Often they are the hunters and not the hunted. It is a good decision to engage them in combat only with decent equipment and to fight a wolf one on one. If there's nothing else, you can always eat a hunch of wolf, and sell its fur.

The bear - Bears are hard to beat! Keep that in mind before challenging one. If you are inexperienced and don't have good equipment, retreat is the tactic of choice. Best kill bears in small hunting parties and use terrain to your advantage.

The deer - Deers are a fine supply for food and are non-agressive animals and try to flee on sight. It might be difficult to catch them and you might easily enter the territory of a local predator while chasing them.

The hare - Like deers, hares will flee upon sight and are an excellent source of food for any passing adventurer. They are a common sight in the meadows and forests of Tibia, though larger predators are never very far.

The squirrel - Swift and impish, squirrels will run from any human they see. Hunters avoid preying on squirrels, as there is a legend that says that the giant immortal Squirrels who ate nuts from Crunor's blessed tree take bloody revenge on each and every killer of their descendants. Squirrels are found in woody areas all over Tibia.

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