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Creatures of the meadows and marshes

The dawnfly - A close relative of the emerald damselfly found in the swamps of Venore, it is supposed the creature may have found its way over the seas to Dawnport and adapted to the isle. Like the damselfly, their diet consists of plant matter and smaller insects though they too attack passersby, supposedly to guard their territory. Their bite is slightly poisonous, but poses a threat only to the wounded or completely unprepared wanderer.

The woodling - The woodlings could be the missing link between the swamplings and the haunted treelings. Half plant and half animal and at least partially intelligent, treelings love to ambush their prey and make use of the surroundings to drive it into a corner. Looking deceptively tree-like, a woodling will make a grab at any human that passes; supposedly to spice up its diet of rotting leaves and plants with something more juicy. Woodlings can slow down their enemies and are quite tough, which is why any inexperienced adventurer would do well to know the way back to the outpost in a hurry if venturing down to the woody plains.

The Meadow strider - A giant bird that stalks the marshes and meadows, the meadow strider usually feeds on small insects and amphibians. Being very territorial but short-sighted, it will attack any supposed rival of its own size, which includes humans, and peck at them. Though they are nearly as tough as woodlings, there's good eating on a meadow strider, and they often contain swallowed gold coins and other useful stuff.

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