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Underground and undead beasts

The rotworm - A creature of decay that lives underground like its small cousin, the earthworm. Its toothed maw is a formidable weapon, and rotworms have torn more than one adventurer to pieces. A horde of them could kill anyone, so great caution is advised when encountering them.

The carrion worm - They seem to be no species of their own but indeed just older, bigger and meaner rotworms. They are usually accompanied by a host of smaller worms which makes them even more dangerous. Carrion worms have some sort of tusks that can easily penetrate a good armor.

The skeletons - Skeletons are living undead, rumoured to be the bodies of dead adventurers which have been revived by some evil power. Cropping up in packs and occasionally accompanied by other undead creatures like ghouls or mummies, they are quite nasty opponents, particularly because they are able to drain the life energy of their opponents.

The bat - Often encountered in caves and ruins, along with other creatures, sometimes undead. Being little stronger than a rat, bats are rather a nuisance than a threat to an experienced adventurer. Their attacks on humans mainly happen out of self-defence. Bats often form a large swarm which is slightly more dangerous to face than a single specimen. Bats can be found almost everywhere as long as there is some close-by dark place where they can breed and sleep.

The rat - Whether humans brought this pest with them on the isle or whether rats are indigenous to every dark place in Tibia is anyone's guess. However, rats on Dawnport normally prefer to live underground and are mostly harmless, tending to destroy food supplies in cellars. They can become dangerous in greater numbers, though, to any badly equipped adventurer they corner.

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