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Poisonous beasts

The salamander - A common creature of the swamp and warm earth of the marshes, the salamander relies on stealth and a little poison to ward off attackers. Normally living on a diet of insects, it seems that here on Dawnport some salamanders have developed a taste for the rare dawnfire herb. Those salamanders have often been sighted in the company of trolls and it is supposed that the trolls keep them as a sort of pet, though to what reason, nobody knows yet. Though relatively harmless, the poison of the troll-trained salamanders is not to be underestimated and can seriously injure or kill inexperienced adventurers.

The wasp - fast and deadly to the inexperienced, wasps will follow their enemy for quite a while, and their speed makes them dangerous, even more so in high numbers. Their sting hurts and can poison you, so make sure to finish a wasp off quickly when you encounter it. They can be found in warm areas such as woodlands, jungles or deserts; and if there is a heat source, in underground stone caves.

The poison spider - Though only slightly tougher than an ordinary spider, this one can poison you. Try to avoid being bitten by one, as they usually live far from our base and you might not make it to our local healer in time.

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