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You see Minzy
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    Underground Green Claw Swamp, in a cave.


    She trades only one raven kit per year per character.

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    She is part of the Bewitched world quest.
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    Player: hi
    Minzy: Welcome. Good you're showing up.
    Player: job or showing up
    Minzy: I've never considered to follow a profession. But people tend to call me a swamp witch because I sometimes make brews with unusual ingredients in my cauldron. So I guess that is what I am.
    Player: name
    Minzy: I am known as Minzy.
    Player: Venore
    Minzy: One would guess the trade barons could easily spare the ingredients for the brew, but they won't lift a finger and call us superstitious fools. ...
    Minzy: In the past, they even sent mercenaries to disrupt our ritual but our resistance proved too expensive for their tastes. Still, we failed to complete the ritual that year and many suffered.
    Player: Excalibug
    Minzy: Weapons, weapons. Is this all you people care about? The bane bringer threat is a far more imminent event. This should be our focus.
    Player: Ferumbras
    Minzy: He has stolen much of his knowledge from several sources. The community of witches suffered particularly from his greed. ...
    Minzy: We will not forget this. Although, some misguided souls sell themselves to him for some of the stolen and now lost knowledge in return.
    Player: witch
    Minzy: Not all witches are evil. Neither do all of us fit into such simple categories like good and evil at all. ...
    Minzy: In these days, several of us work for a common cause and put our differences aside for a greater goal. ...
    Minzy: I think there is a lot to learn from this and I hope it will somehow be an inspiration for others.
    Player: magic or spell
    Minzy: I won't share my knowledge with strangers. Besides, there is little I know that would be of any practical use at all for you.
    Player: ingredients
    Minzy: We need the ingredients and we need many of them. We gather supplies the whole year and prepare most of the brew in advance. ...
    Minzy: But with our numbers dwindling, we need more and more help of the Tibians to save the world. You might gain our favour by helping us in our mission.
    Player: cauldron
    Minzy: The cauldron is ancient and sacred to us. It bears powerful enchantments and years of use in rituals have changed its very structure in the fabric of reality.
    Player: brew (event still running)
    Minzy: The brew is not ready by far. We are just beginning and there is much left to be done.
    Player: brew (success in event)
    Minzy: We made it! Oh this joy. Seeing all those good people working together warms my heart. You did a great thing in averting the bane bringers' curse. ...
    Minzy: One whole year we will enjoy fortune and luck as we know and love it. In the imminent time though be prepared for a great surge of luck!
    Player: bane bringer
    Minzy: We have to hold the ritual in these days when they are strongest. They might even manifest now and then harass us in our ritual with the help of rotten dead things . ...
    Minzy: But this is nothing compared to their wrath if we should fail the ritual. We would have to wait a whole year to try a new ritual and had to endure the malignant attacks of the bane bringers in the meantime.
    Player: attack
    Minzy: The bane bringers work in a very subtle way. You might lose connection to a dear friend, have considerable streaks of bad luck or make new enemies. ...
    Minzy: Perhaps they'd let something of your possession vanish or make you look like a cheater or liar through some strange coincidence. The worst thing they do is eating away your luck and happiness though.
    Player: favour
    Minzy: By sacrificing items for our cause or igniting the cauldron's fire you will gain some favour within our circle. ...
    Minzy: We are willing to trade certain potions to you. Your current favour is 0.
    Player: trade
    Minzy: We offer mana potions, strong mana potions, great mana potions and ultimate mana potions. ...
    Minzy: We also offer health potions, strong health potions, great health potions, ultimate health potions and supreme health potions. ...
    Minzy: And we offer great spirit potions as well as ultimate spirit potions. ...
    Minzy: There is also the option of choosing one of my trusty ravens instead, a black, grey or white one.
    Player: mana potion
    Minzy: Do you want to buy a mana potion for 5 favour?
    Player: strong mana potion
    Minzy: Do you want to buy a strong mana potion for 8 favour?
    Player: great mana potion
    Minzy: Do you want to buy a great mana potion for 12 favour?
    Player: ultimate mana potion
    Minzy: Do you want to buy an ultimate mana potion für 37 favour?
    Player: health potion
    Minzy: Do you want to buy a health potion for 5 favour?
    Player: strong health potion
    Minzy: Do you want to buy a strong health potion for 10 favour?
    Player: great health potion
    Minzy: Do you want to buy a great health potion for 19 favour?
    Player: ultimate health potion
    Minzy: Do you want to buy an ultimate health potion for 31 favour?
    Player: supreme health potion
    Minzy: Do you want to buy a supreme health potion for 51 favour?
    Player: great spirit potion
    Minzy: Do you want to buy a great spirit potion for 19 favour?
    Player: ultimate spirit potion
    Minzy: Do you want to buy an ultimate spirit potion for 35 favour?
    Player: black (if not bought yet)
    Minzy: Do you want to buy a black raven for 1000 favour?
    Player: grey (if not bought yet)
    Minzy: Do you want to buy a grey raven for 1000 favour?
    Player: white (if not bought yet)
    Minzy: Do you want to buy a white raven for 1000 favour?
    Player: yes
    Minzy: Here you are.
    Player: black, grey or white (if bought already)
    Minzy: Hello, you already received a pet recently. It will take months to refill my stock - a raven like that doesn't hatch every day - and others want one, too. So please be patient for now.
    Player: bye
    Minzy: Take care my friend.