On the way: Poison Spiders, Rotworms, Minor Orcs, possible lured Fire Devil
Quest area: Minotaurs, Minotaur Archers, a Minotaur Mage, a Minotaur Guard, Cyclopes

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Required Equipment


  • Go to the Ancient Temple, north of Thais (here).
  • Go down two levels, and head as far north as you can go.
  • Go down to the level with the Rotworms.
  • Follow this path to the east and south, and go down the ladder:

Route Mintwallin 1

  • On this level, there will be a lot of Poison Fields. You can either run through them and then use Antidote, or you can use Destroy Field to clear a path.
  • Go down another level.
  • Follow this path to the east and north. Be careful of Minotaurs. Go down the hole that is circled on the map. You will face a couple Cyclopes down this hole:

Route Mintwallin 2

  • Follow this path all of the way north, and go down a level:

Mintwallin Cyclops Quest 1

Mintwallin Cyclops Quest 2

  • (1) You will enter this room in the north-west corner. Follow the passage until you find the switch. Be careful, (2) when you flip the switch, the wall will be moved, and you will be essentially trapped with the Cyclopes. Once you flip the switch, (3) you can get the reward. (4) To exit, go to the hole down the passage to the north. This will take you into the room with the minotaurs:
  • Note: If the wall is already moved, and you can't open the door, you need to wait the next Floor Reset, or Server Save. Or just use the Key 3667 to unlock the door.

Mintwallin Cyclops Quest 3