Mintwallin is the Minotaur city hidden below the Ancient Temple just north west of the Thais north gate. Before they invaded it, this city was called Kormarak and inhabited by humans. However, it were the dwarves who originally founded this settlement, and who eventually abandoned it because it was too dangerous a place. Demons once occupied the area south of the city but were eventually driven out. Today a memorial honours the minotaurs which lost their lives.

Traveling to the city is a long and complicated journey through many underground tunnels. If you are not careful, you can fall down one-way holes. Monsters you may meet on your way include Minotaurs, Minotaur Archers, Minotaur Guards, Minotaur Mages, Cyclops, Bonelords, Poison Spiders, a Dragon, Orcs, Orc Spearmen, Orc Berserkers, a Fire Devil, and Rotworms.
See Route:Mintwallin for information on how to get there.

You will find Minotaurs of all types in Mintwallin, including Minotaurs, Minotaur Archers, Minotaur Guards, and Minotaur Mages. From time to time, General Murius has been known to support the troops in Mintwallin.

You can find the prison key at the sleeping hall here. The storage room key can be found here.

This place is specially good when you come in small hunting groups for making lootbags. In three hours a small team can make more than 30,000 gold coins.

Mintwallin NPCs (3 NPCs)
A PrisonerA Prisoner.gifSorcererMintwallin Prison
BoveasBoveas.gifScientistNorth in Mintwallin, close to the city entrance
MarkwinMarkwin.gifMonarchIn his castle in Mintwallin

Mintwallin Creatures
NameExpHPMax. DamageLoot
  • This creature drops no loot.
10159 (Physical Damage, Earth Damage)
  • This creature drops no loot.
5010045 Physical Damage
Minotaur Archer.gif
Minotaur Archer
65100105 Physical Damage
Minotaur Mage.gif
Minotaur Mage
150155228 (40 Physical Damage, 105 Fire Damage, 83 Energy Damage)
Minotaur Guard.gif
Minotaur Guard
160185100 Physical Damage
General Murius.gif
General Murius
7001,000430 (120 Physical Damage, 310 Fire Damage)
Giant Spider.gif
Giant Spider
9001,300378 (300 Physical Damage, 78 Earth Damage) + 44 Summons

City Spawns

Mint spawns.jpg

First Floor

  • 1. Main gate and behind it

6x Minotaur; 2x Minotaur Archer; 2x Minotaur Mage; 6x Minotaur Guard.

  • 2. Cityhall

2x Minotaur Guard.

  • 3. Westgate, Blacksmith

6x Minotaur; 1x Minotaur Archer; 2x Minotaur Guard.

  • 4. Park

4x Minotaur; rarely: General Murius's Troops (Various Archers, Mages and Guards).

  • 5. Markwin's room

2x Minotaur Guard; rarely: General Murius.

  • 6. Sleeping hall, Tavern and South Gate

10x Minotaur; 3x Minotaur Archer; 4x Minotaur Guard.

Second Floor

  • 7. Main gate

2x Minotaur; 1x Minotaur Archer.

  • 8. Throne room

4x Minotaur; 2x Minotaur Archer; 2x Minotaur Mage; 4x Minotaur Guard.

Hunting Tips

  • If you have done the Postman Quest, bring Parcels so you can send your Lootbag using the Mailbox near the main gate.
  • Bring a Fishing Rod and plenty of Worms, as you can fish in Mintwallin.
  • Bring a Obsidian Knife to take Minotaur Leathers.
  • Be careful when entering the city and do it very slowly so the Minotaurs come to you one by one.
  • A good place to stay away from keyboard is behind a Gate for level 30 at Markwin's room, since creatures can't be lured to you.
  • You can make a good profit selling your lootbag and should have a spot to hide it. Remember that certain areas might get reset if no one is there for a few minutes.

Hunting in a Team

  • Knights shouldn't go until they have decent skills (50/50) and about 300HP.
  • Paladins can go at levels lower than 20 but should have a few Health Potions with them.
  • Mages should be at level 20+ using Avalanche runes, Mana Potions and Wand or Rod that causes Death or Ice damages.
  • Mages should summon Monks and Paladins should always stay behind. Remember to stay in your group so you do not get lost.
  • A very dangerous place is the throne room with about 10 minos of different kinds. Mages should go up with Mana Shield using Avalanche runes to clear the room quickly. If Knights get swarmed, they should use Berserk. If you are too weak to clear the room this way or you want to waste less, you can get Key 3650 from a dresser in Markwin's room (here) and lure single Minotaurs by going through the second floor of the main gate and unlocking the doors fo the storage room.

Hunting Alone

  • Knight: At level 35 you can hunt there using Health Potions. You can easily make a lot of profit with little waste is you refuse to enter the throneroom above the Minotaur king Markwin because you can easily be comboed down by the mages. Use Berserk if surrounded. It is recommended to be level 40+, with good equipment and skills (65/65+) as you will otherwise take a lot of damage from the Mages and Guards. At higher levels (50+), you can easily hunt here and make a very good profit.
  • Paladin: At level 30, a Paladin can hunt here while running everything. Remember that you can get surrounded anywhere you go, so Avalanches and Mana Potions would be nice.
  • Mages: At level 27, you can hunt here by summoning Monks to block for you. This is rather tricky at first, and you may be killed before you can make the Minotaurs attack the Monks. However, it is still possible and if done correctly could lead to a profitable hunt. Remember to bring Mana Potions in case of emergencies and many Avalanche runes. HMM aren't that useful since you can just use your Wand or Rod that causes Death or Ice damages.