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Diary of Palkar, leader of the outcasts

We found this cave - hidden in the labyrinth - and made it our new headquarter. I think it is save.

More deep in the cave is a tribe of cyclops. We made an alliance with them. They will fight with us and guard the key to the secret laboratory.

King Markwin protected the entrance to the lab with a dragon, but my druid could convince it. So we can use the lab to increase our power.

We were digging a new tunnel to the city. Markwin locked the hidden entrance with a rock.

Yeah! The tunnel is finished and we were able to attack king Markwin within his own walls. They weren´t prepared at all and we killed many of those creepy bastards.

Soon we will be strong enough to convince the other dragon and reach the surface.

Today I send a group of diggers to make a new way up to the light of the sun. They really have a hard job to do, but I think they will do it.

I haven´t heard anything of my diggers since a whole month. I hope this is no bad sign.

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