Minor Updates contain smaller new features and changes.

Version Name Release Date Summary Changes


Alpha 1.01


January 13, 1997

Implementation of the first board games.

The following games were implemented with this update:



Beta 4.1


June 5, 1998

  • One does not lose so much experience points when dying anymore.
  • In the north there is a large new underworld.
  • Two monster races that were already implemented were added to the player-shared content of the game.
  • Killing animals and monsters does not brings so much experience as before.
  • Some monsters does not have so many magic articles now.
  • The inventory closes now if one goes into another level.
  • Characters now run substantially more slowly.



Beta 5.2


March 17, 2000

This update brought the newbie island of Rookgaard.

The newbie island of Rookgaard was implemented with this update.




September 24, 2001

The introduction of the Criminal Record and the ability to complain about entries, increased abilities for Gamemasters, and the introduction of Counsellors

  • From now on, there is a criminal record for all players that have been banished.
  • The ability to file a complain about gamemaster actions was added.
  • Counsellors were introduced, appointed by gamemasters to investigate and report violations of the rules.
  • You can ignore broadcasts by typing "#I #B" and yells by entering "#I #Y". Unignore them with "#U" accordingly.




October 22, 2002

  • Talking
    • Spells will now always go to the default channel and thus be effective in the game
    • You can ignore yells and private messages by checking the corresponding boxes in the ignore dialog
    • You can start a conversation more quickly by double-clicking on the VIP list
    • The client now supports the complete ISO-8859-1 font, including all special characters
  • Combat System
    • The Logout Block is prolonged for attacker and defender after every strike or shot, no matter if it hits
    • Players cannot summon or convince more than two monsters which will vanish when their master logs out or dies
  • User Interface
    • During the login process, some information about the state of the connection is shown
    • No snapbacks any more when walking using the cursor keys
    • In the advanced graphics options, the framerate (and thus the processor usage) can be adjusted
    • The buttons for the combat tactics are coloured
    • The scrollbars will move repeatedly when keeping the arrows pressed




November 21, 2002

  • Fix for ignoring other players not working
  • Ignoring yells and private messages is now possible
  • Fixed annoying bug "GUI 1085", which impacted some players from playing
  • It is not possible to drag objects out of minimised Containers anymore




June 27, 2003

Introduced many client bugfixes and minor features.

  • It is no longer possible to enter an IP address in the network options, the client will now automatically try to connect to the login servers.
  • Characters will not stop anymore if items are moved or used in the inventory while walking. Dropping items will still stop the character.
  • Editing long texts will no longer cause client crashes.
  • Premia was moved to a stronger server.

Further announced for the same patch on August 1, 2003:




January 21, 2004

Fixed and improved monsters behaviour

  • Fixed some bugs and improved the behaviour of the monsters




March 9, 2004

Separate client version for the test server in preparation of version 7.24.



Annihilation Bear

March 15, 2004

The party system and automatic bans for excessive player killing were introduced, among other changes.




May 4, 2004

Bugfixes and changes to the forum

  • Namelocked characters and IP address banishments will prohibit forum usage
  • Threads older than 30 days will be closed automatically
  • Unused guild boards will be deleted if they have not been used for more than 30 days
  • Improved forum performance




December 10, 2004

Separate client version for the test server in preparation of version 7.4




May 5, 2006

Separate client version for the test server in preparation of version 7.8



Technical Update 7.7


May 17, 2006

This introduced some client features, mostly about controlling messages.

  • You can now select whether you want to show private messages on the game window or not.
  • The white list was implemented, allowing you to only receive private messages from some players while ignoring the rest.
  • Senior tutors are now able to report statements directly.
  • Support for DirectX 9.0 and OpenGL was added.
  • Players can report error messages directly to CipSoft via a dialog that pops up at the next login if their client crashes.




October 13, 2006

Linux client release

  • Official Linux client released



10th Anniversary Update

Party Hat

January 8, 2007

Added creatures and items related to the Tibia's 10th Anniversary event.



Great Spirit Potion

April 08, 2008

The naming rules were revised, new potions were added and other smaller changes.




July 24, 2008

Released shortly after the major update, contains some bugfixes and improvements based on feedback gathered.



Spring Patch 2009


March 18, 2009

This update introduced changes to the death penalty, blessings, stamina and more.

  • The death penalty was revised
  • Blessings can now reduce the probability of losing items.
  • A experience bonus was added for the first hour of stamina.
  • A new 2-second-delay for fighting after changing floor level, teleporting, traveling with NPCs, using levitate or getting kicked out of a house; Stairhopping without getting hit can not be done anymore.
  • Invisible creatures will really be invisible for bots. (It will be impossible to aim missile runes on the coordinate of an invisible creature.)
  • An experience counter is added in the client including:
    • experience points left for next level
    • calculates experience per hour (based on last 15 minutes)
    • indication how long it would take to reach the next level with exp/hour ratio
    • option to reset the experience counter



Autumn Patch 2011

Ornamented Brooch

September 27, 2011

Update of the Grizzly Adams tasks, more Achievements, some new hunting places and other minor changes.

  • The level restriction for the Scatterbrained Sorcerer Quest was removed.
  • The Doll (Dread) was changed to A Fan Doll of Queen Eloise, created new items for dread doll and replaced it in the Thais exhibition.
  • Cockroaches can no longer be summoned or convinced.
  • Spectral Scum changed to be less annoying. Less speed, less often and weaker drunkenness, keeps distance and now a scumbag can always be used to vanish them, even if 5 have been already caught.
  • New hunting grounds added and some expanded.
  • Fixed typo for object Toxic Tulip.
  • Fixed sprite and mask for the Female Elementalist outfit.
  • The Horse Station World Change has been adjusted so that more wild horses will appear when the horses escape.
  • A Gate of Expertise was placed beneath Razachai to restrict the Wrath of the Emperor Quest to players of level 80 or higher.
  • Grizzly Adams' Paw and Fur Quest is revamped. There are now 100 total points and the points for each task vary with difficulty and availability.
    • There are new tasks for level ranges: 0-49, 50-79, 80-129, and 130+
    • There are new creature tasks and new bosses (listed below)
    • Now up to three tasks in a level range can be worked on at the same time
    • Paw and Fur Tasks can be repeated up three times for all ranges below 130, and the 130+ tasks can repeated infinitely (no limit)
    • You can advance only one rank per range, except players in the 0-49 range can advance two ranks
  • The improved number of tasks also comes with additional spawns of task monsters and some new hunting grounds.



Spring Patch 2012

Spellbook of Ancient Arcana

April 03, 2012

Adjustments to creature loot, Beta Flash Client, Hive and Deepling World Changes. New bosses for Grizzly tasks and other minor changes to Paw and Fur.

  • An anti-kick feature was implemented, to protect players affected by kicks.
  • Quest doors have been adjusted to prevent trapping: instead of using the door to enter, you may pass through a player inside a quest door provided you meet the requirements to do so.
  • The following creatures have had loot adjustments officially mentioned: Juggernaut, Blightwalker, Lost Soul, Defiler.
  • Player and creature summons no longer have corpses. Consequently they do not appear in the server log.
  • Askarak Demons and Shaburak Demons had their defense and melee attacks heightened.
  • Quest doors have been adjusted to prevent trapping: instead of using the door to enter, you may pass through a player inside a quest door provided you meet the requirements to do so.
  • Many changes were introduced to Paw and Fur Society tasks
  • A bridge was erected to connect the two sides of the ice just west of Svargrond (here) to make accessing Badgers easier for the Paw and Fur Society task.
  • Horestis' tomb is no longer empty if the world change is in its first stage. Creatures now spawn there to defend the reign of Horestis.
  • Players now get an additional reward by successfully finishing the A Pirate's Death to Me World Task.
  • The Easter event was replaced by the brand new event Spring into Life. The event will start on April 16. (colored eggs, part of the Easter event, can still be looted from rabbits and can still be bought from stores).



Autumn Patch 2012


October 10, 2012

A reform in the way of how punishments for rule violations affect player's accounts, globalizing the Inbox, minor changes to flash client & offline training in bed.

  • The criminal record was revamped with the implementation of the conduct level.
  • Instead of having a separate Inbox for every city, all players have a global inbox that can be accessed from every depot.
  • It is now possible to offline train when sleeping on a Bed.
  • The text for the achievement "Berry Picker" has been adjusted slightly: "The Combined Magical Winterberry Society hereby honours continued selfless dedication and extraordinary efforts in the Annual Autumn Vintage."
  • Several typos, market flags and warning messages have been fixed.




April 23, 2013

The update goal was to implement what has been discussed in the Tibia Council — new hunting grounds, as well as changes to existing ones and loot adjustments for a few creatures.

  • Many new areas were added.
  • Existing areas were changed.
  • The loot of some creatures were improved.
  • The spell behavior and armor of Carniphilas has been changed
  • Buddel has been moved from east of the barbarian camp to north of the barbarian camp

Further announced for the same patch on May 02, 2013:

  • Some content fixes were implemented.
  • Minor issues with Nina were fixed.
  • The targetting behaviour of Ironblights was adjusted.
  • Fixed a map bug in the deepling area that trapped players under certain circumstances.

Further announced for the same patch on May 16, 2013, but released the day before on May 15, 2013:

Further announced for the same patch on May 28, 2013:

  • All monsters are yielding experience again.
  • The ingame ownership information of houses is now displayed correctly.
  • An issue that caused players who had scheduled a Character World Transfer to land in Rookgaard was fixed.




June 5, 2013

This updated introduced changes to all PvP modes.

  • 4 new PvP Modes were added to the combat controls.
  • All 3 PvP types received major changes.
  • The additional server log information about a character death is now available on all game worlds.
  • The bug that led to incorrect information about the Twist of Fate blessing was fixed.

Further announced for the same patch on June 5, 2013:

  • Undisclosed emergency bug fix.

Further announced for the same patch on June 6, 2013:




August 26, 2014

Introduced changes to the Unjustified Kill System and other PvP changes.

  • Their Master's Voice:
    • The Mad Mage will now spawn randomly at one of three different locations in the dungeon. Also, CipSoft addressed an issue that allowed players to seal the area off for other characters until the next server save. The world change now gets reset to its initial slime stage if there is no character in the dungeon that has gobbled enough slime to face the mage. Moreover, CipSoft addressed an issue with reappearing slime even though players had managed to clean the whole area.
  • A couple of map issues and typos were fixed.
  • Open PvP worlds received a redesigned unjustified kill system, first announced here. This includes:
    • A PvP bar which shows your progress towards Red Skull or Black Skull, it can be turned on/off via Options --> Status --> Show PvP Frames.
    • The amount of frags has been reduced from 20 to 5 unjustified kills.
    • The display of PvP modes in your client has been slimmed down, you can toggle between simple and expert mode.
    • If you are standing in a stack, you are now able to attack any skulled character.

Further announced for the same patch on September 2, 2014:

  • Implemented fixes to address inactive slime slides in Rathleton, reappearing slime in "Their Master's Voice", and a PZ issue in the Wrath of the Emperor Quest.
  • Level 3 is now a requirement to send private messages.

Further announced for the same patch on September 3, 2014:

  • Fixed an issue with the timing of the third stage of the world quest Rise of Devovorga.

Further announced for the same patch on September 4, 2014:




September 15, 2014

The island of Dawnport was introduced for starting players, among other smaller changes

Further announced for the same patch on September 15, 2014:

  • Undisclosed emergency bug fix.




April 24, 2018

This update added exercise weapons and exercise dummies.

  • The new Training system has been released:
  • The client and the website now show an overview of the current number of streamers and viewers on the Twitch and YouTube platforms, as well as the number of online players.
  • The Magic Gold Converter was released.
  • From now on, the Recovery Key created during the email confirmation process and needs to be entered on the website in order to complete the email confirmation of a newly created account.
  • Running the client under Windows XP is no longer possible, and the support for Windows Vista has ended as well.

Further announced on April 26, 2018, probably on a new patch that could not be specified:

  • Fixed an issue that caused occasional interruptions of the skill training while chatting with other players.




October 29, 2018

Update on the prices of many consumable items sold by NPCs and at the Store (Potions, Casks, Kegs, some Runes and Exercise Weapons).

  • Many consumables had their prices adjusted to better fit the current purchasing power of players.



Winterlight Solstice Update

The Percht Queen

December 11, 2018

Introduced many general fixes as well as adding the content for the Winterlight Solstice event to the game.



Orcsoberfest Update

The Great Schnitzel

October 09, 2019

Some bugfixes and preparation for the launch of the Orcsoberfest.

  • The correct amount of Blister Rings stored in the depot now shows up when searching for the item in the Market
  • Forum links are no longer case sensitive.
  • A new event, the Orcsoberfest, was added to the client, with new items, mounts, creatures, achievements and one outfit.

Further announced on October 11, 2019, on a new patch that could not be specified:

  • Small bug fixes for the Orcsoberfest



Houses Update


November 19, 2019

This update implemented many improvements to the house system.

  • Many smaller houses were merged to create bigger houses.
  • Houses section added to the Cyclopedia, letting players manage houses directly from the client.
  • Beds can now be freely arranged in a house. The maximum number of beds is limited to the former number of beds the house had.
  • The limit of one house per game world was removed, leaving only the limitation of three houses per account. This allows a single character to own up to 3 houses.
  • Black Bert now sells Timothy's Research Notes.

Further announced on November 19, 2019, probably on a new patch that could not be specified:



Hunting Ground Rebalancing


January 28, 2020

The creatures on the "top 20 hunting grounds" have been adjusted and their experience and/or loot decreased. Creatures and hunting grounds from the Summer Update 2019 and Winter Update 2019 have also been adjusted.



Weapons Rebalancing

Blade of Destruction

March 17, 2020

Weapons rebalancing

  • All the Weapons of Destruction, as well as many others, had their attributes changed, most of them being nerfed.

Further announced for the same patch on March 17, 2020:



Tournament Triumph Preparation


April 09, 2020

Preparations for Tournament Triumph.

  • Several adjustments were made as a preparation for the upcoming Tournament Triumph, including changes to the ticket prices, changes to the playtime rule and addition of new rewards, seen below.



Vocation Adjustments 2020


November 23, 2020

Several adjustments on all vocations to balance them and resolve their current problems and challenges.



25th Anniversary Update


January 07, 2022

Addition of several objects, creatures, effects and other things related to Tibia's 25th Anniversary.

Further announced on January 7, 2022, probably on a new patch that could not be specified:

Further announced on January 8, 2022, probably on a new patch that could not be specified:

  • Fixed an issue concerning the cooldown timer for Lord Retro.
  • Tibians holding multiple stacks of Blessings are now able to continue their journey through the time travel dungeon.



Sound Update

Laughing Rotworm

September 27, 2022

Sound was added to Tibia!

  • Sounds of the following categories were added:
    • Background music for all 20 Areas
    • Environment sounds
    • Spell sounds
    • Creature sounds
    • Combat sounds
    • UI sounds
    • Messages sounds
  • Sounds can be disabled or have their volume adjusted in a new section of the settings menu.