Mini World Changes were implemented in the Winter Update 2011. Just as World Changes do, they allow for a more dynamic shaping of the Tibian world but unlike them, these cannot be triggered through actions made by Players. These changes happen somewhat rarely and do not come with warnings. They last a few hours. NPC Towncryer tells you about these mini changes, by shouting a message.

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Table of Contents

Name Location Achievement Reward
Bank Robbery Ab'Dendriel, Carlin, Thais or Venore Template:Achievement Unknown
Bored Green Claw Swamp Template:Achievement and Template:Achievement Torn Teddy
Down the Drain Outlaw Camp Template:Achievement Water Elemental hunting dungeon
Fire from the Earth Goroma Template:Achievement Stronger creatures on Hellgore
Kingsday Thais Unknown Unknown
Lumberjack Fields of Glory Template:Achievement Ability to sell Wood
Noodles is Gone Thais Template:Achievement 1,000 experience points and 500 gp or a Fan Doll of Queen Eloise
Nomads Kha'labal Template:Achievement 10 Ham, 50 Fishes, 3 Small Emeralds, Black Pearl, Small Topaz and Silver Amulet
Oriental Trader Ankrahmun, Carlin or Liberty Bay Template:Achievement Ability to trade various Creature Products
River Runs Deep Zao Steppe Template:Achievement Sandfishes
Stampede Tiquanda Template:Achievement Elephant Tusks
Thawing Svargrond Template:Achievement Ice Flower Seeds

Bank Robbery

Towncryer: Hear me! Hear me! Stand and deliver! That's what they shout, robbing banks in main's coastal towns and then hide out. Catch the thieves and make us proud, bring back the gold to please the crowd!

This change affects the banks of Ab'Dendriel, Carlin, Thais and Venore.

From time to time thieves will rob the Banks of Tibia and the bankers will ask you for help. In order to restore the Bank's functionality you will have to find and fight the thieves and bring back the bags of stolen money for a small reward.

If you bring back the stolen goods you will get the achievement Template:Achievement.


This change happens in the Green Claw Swamp.

When Wyda is bored she will react different to keywords. If after saying "quest" she tells you that she's bored, you can bring her Blood Herbs there is chance to get a Torn Teddy and the achievement Template:Achievement. It's also possible to earn the achievement Template:Achievement by killing one of the fake Giant Spiders wich spawns around Wyda's house.

Down the Drain

Towncryer: Hear me! Hear me! A river is flooding, south of the outlaw base. Explore a new isle, an unknown place. Don't be afraid, but ready your blade.

This change is to the south of Outlaw Camp.

A new island becomes accessible containing a spawn of 9 Water Elementals. Kill 50 of them to receive the achievement Template:Achievement.

See also: Outlaw Camp/Water Elemental Dungeon

Fire from the Earth

Towncryer: Hear me! Hear me! The volcano on Goroma is spitting fire. Creatures are spawning, strong and dire. Lava is heading up the land. Adventurer, be careful or it will be your last stand!

The Hellgore volcano erupts on Goroma.

Stronger creatures will appear inside the volcano, including Demons, Diabolic Imps and Hellfire Fighters.

Kill 50 monsters inside the volcano to get the achievement Template:Achievement.


This change happens in Thais.

The city of Thais will be decorated, NPCs will talk to you differently and raids will occur in the Knight's Guild arena. This world has happened once in Celesta, the 15th of January. No other kingsday has been reported.


Towncryer: Hear me! Hear me! North of the Queen's town, the royal trees are cut down. Will you deal with the suspect or report such kind of disrespect?

This change happens in the fields between Ab'Dendriel and Carlin.

Sometimes the trees north of Carlin are deforested by the lumberjack Chip. He will buy pieces of wood for 50 gp. The Queen of Carlin will not be very amused about that.

Mention about Chip to Queen Eloise to get the achievement Template:Achievement.

Noodles is Gone

Towncryer: Hear me! Hear me! Noodles is gone, the King in despair! Find the little rascal, look everywhere. Bring him back to get rewarded for your care!

Noodles, who lives in the King's throneroom some times disappears. Go to King Tibianus in the Rain Castle and ask him about Noodles. He will then hand you a Dog Collar to bring his dog back.

Player: hail king
King Tibianus: I greet thee, my loyal subject player.
Player: noodles
King Tibianus: The royal dog has disappeared AGAIN! I bet he's taking a walk somewhere outside of Thais. If you want to help bringing him back, I could hand you one of his leashes.
Player: leashes
King Tibianus: Well, here's a leash. If you see Noodles, just use it on him to help him find his way home.

Note that Noodles has a very large walking area that stretches over all of the Thaian peninsula. The quicker you go look for him after server save, the more likely you are to find him. Known places where he spawns at server save are:

When you find Noodles, use the Dog Collar on him to earn 1,000 experience points and the achievement Template:Achievement. Return to King Tibianus and ask him for a reward to receive 500 gp or a Fan Doll of Queen Eloise (rare).

Player: hail king
King Tibianus: I greet thee, my loyal subject player.
Player: noodles
King Tibianus: You're one of the loyal citizens who helped bring back the royal dog. You absolutely deserve a reward.
Player: reward
King Tibianus: Take some gold from my treasury. Here you are.

If you are lucky a Dog Lady might appear.


Towncryer: Hear me! Hear me! Ankrahmun's desert is the nomads' land. Find their camp in the golden sand, and a treasure may be close at hand!

Every day this world change is active different Nomads can be found at specific places on Kha'labal. Only one Nomad camp can be found per day, there are 4 different camps and only 3 have a treasure.

Open all 3 treasures to get the Template:Achievement achievement.

Oriental Trader

Towncryer: Hear me! Hear me! What a lucky and beautiful day! Visit Carlin, Ankrahmun, or Liberty Bay. Yasir, the oriental trader might be there. Gather your creature products, for this chance is rare.

A trader named Yasir will anchor in the harbor of one of the towns: Ankrahmun, Carlin or Liberty Bay. During this time you are able to trade almost all Creature Products with him.

Say trade to Yasir to get the Template:Achievement achievement.

River Runs Deep

Towncryer: Hear me! Hear me! In Zao Steppe the river runs deep. If you catch a strange fish it is yours to keep.

The dried up river in the Zao Steppe will begin to flood. During this time you will have the chance to catch Sandfish.

When fishing a Sandfish you will earn the achievement Template:Achievement.


Towncryer: Hear me! Hear me! Tiquanda's elephants are terrified, the Ape God's footsteps are a scary sight. So hunt for theirs tusks while they are filled with fright!

This change happens in the jungle of Tiquanda, south of Banuta, here.

For one day you can find Terrified Elephants that have a higher chance to drop Elephant Tusks.

Kill 5 of them to get the achievement Template:Achievement.


Towncryer: Hear me! Hear me! Mammoths silently watch as the snow melts away. It reveals special flowers which are not meant to stay. Grow their seeds to brighten up your day!

The glacier north of Svargrond will begin to melt uncovering grass and other plants.

There will be 15 Ice Flowers which when used have a small chance of giving Ice Flower Seeds.

After succesfully harvesting 10 of them you will get the Template:Achievement achievement.

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