Property Value
Geographical Properties
City Edron
Position 129.234, 124.79, 3
Personal Properties
Gender Male
Race Human
Occupational Properties
Job Scientist
Other Properties
Version 8.5
July 1, 2009
Status Active
You see Milos.
NPC Bubble D
  • What a fascinating idea!


Edron Ivory Towers, north-western tower 4 floors up


Milos is a theoretical scientist and a magician.

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Part of the Shadows of Yalahar Quest. He can also turn Stones of Insight into experience during September.
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Player: hi
Milos: Oh hello. I hardly noticed you. I'm afraid I am a bit distracted at the moment.
Player: job or distracted
Milos: I'm a magician and a theoretical scientist. That is, I am of course a real scientist, not a scientist in theory, but I concentrate more on theories than on practice. ...
Milos: What I mean is, I do more reading and corresponding with other scientists - not exactly the fast lane to fame and fortune, granted, but it satisfies my humble desires.
Player: theory
Milos: Theories are my lifeblood, so to speak. Practice doesn't interest me in the same way. To be honest, I am easily frightened and I lose heart quickly. Theories are more forgiving. ...
Milos: I feel more comfortable with numbers and formulas and such. I like the safety of a laboratory and taking my time to develop my ideas. And of course I like the company of books more than the company of men. Sorry, no offence meant.
Player: academy
Milos: The academy is a place of learning. We could do with a bigger library, of course. If the White Raven Monastery weren't so far away I would consider going there for the privilege of seeing all those magnificent books. ...
Milos: But the cream of Tibian academics, professors and researchers are all based here, so we do have the greatest living knowledge base in the world.
Player: White Raven
Milos: The monastery contains the greatest collection of books in the known world. They own books from every field of knowledge, philosophy and art ...
Milos: As far as I am aware, there is not much order in the collection though. The monks are ony collectors of books. They unfortunately lack the skills to catalogue them. Even if they read them I doubt they would understand them. ...
Milos: This makes researching there somewhat tedious and time consuming, but if you ever have to research a topic I would suggest starting there.
Player: knowledge
Milos: Knowledge is essential to everything. How can anyone make a decision without knowledge? The more you know, the better you can decide. Our Academy is one of the world's greatest hoards of knowledge. ...
Milos: Another, especially in the fields of books is the White Raven Monastery. The single most knowledgeable person in Tibia is, in my opinion, the sage Edowir in the Whiteflower Temple.
Player: Edowir
Milos: He is a very enigmatic person. His wisdom is unrivaled and his intentions are good. Although some people occasionally complain that he only imparts the bare minimum of information that they need. ...
Milos: He always leaves you with the feeling that he knows much more than he is willing to tell. Some even claim he is a chosen of Uman.
Player: Uman
Milos: Uman is the God of Knowledge who furthers society and stands for the greater good. He is the patron of research and progress.
Player: research notes
Milos: Oh, of course I'll send him my notes immediately. Perhaps he'll come back and visit us here sometime. Do pass on my regards to him, won't you?
Player: golems
Milos: I am more into theories then into practice but I have come up with several very solid theories that may be invaluable to Telas, if they work in practice ...
Milos: I would not go as far as to say that I have reinvented how golems can be constructed but I think some of my approaches are quite unique. Even by disproving some of my ideas Telas stands to gain some significant insights into his chosen field of study. ...
Milos: I am only too pleased that my theories are being applied in such a useful way!
Player: Telas
Milos: He is a great and generous man. I owe him so much. I will never be able to even remotely make it up to him.
Player: name
Milos: My name is Milos. Milos of the Edron Academy. Nice to meet you.
Player: stone of wisdom
Milos: Ah well. This matter was taken out of our hands for now. The inquisition insisted to control the collection of these stones and by royal decree they were granted the exclusive right to do so. ...
Milos: As a simple scientist I'm not in a position to question such decision, as hard as it might hit my researches. For now I can not trade any of the stones. You will have to wait for another opportunity.
Player: bye
Milos: Good bye.

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