• Mixed community but with plenty of good (helpful, kind, etc.) players to be found.
  • Decent number of characters online at most times of day.
  • Relatively low item prices make it fairly easy to get started and equipped.


  • Still enough botters that you'll encounter them in many caves and a fairly high number of lurers (though fairly average for an Optional-PvP server).
  • Relatively low item prices (especially of larger monster rares, in particular Demon rares) makes it harder to profit at high levels.
  • Not the best place to start playing if you value a harmonious community as (despite there being decent individuals) there are still divisions between certain groups of players.
  • Quest services tend to be on the expensive side.

About Menera

  • First POI was completed on August 28, 2007 and 9 people finished the quest.


  • Orshabaal.gif has spawned four times, the first date was on February 24, 2008: the loot was a Thunder Hammer, earned by Furious Cod. The second was on April 4, 2009: the loot (Orshabaal's Brain) was stolen by Kurodo Aka. Orshabaal spawned and was killed for the third time on April 28, 2009: the loot this time being a Teddy Bear. The fourth time it died really fast, and the loot wasn't good.
  • Ferumbras.gif has spawned six times and has been killed five times, once on April 21, 2008, once on June 30, 2009, once on April 2, 2010 which loot was: Great Axe and Great Shield, once on April 14, 2010 and once on 27 June 2011.
  • Morgaroth.gif has appeared twice; he has never been defeated.
  • Ghazbaran.gif has spawned twice: first time he wasn't fought, second time, on April 18, 2009, the team failed miserably.

World Quests

Menera has completed 3 World Quests.

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