This cave was implemented in Update 8.5.
The amount of monsters and their strength makes this a difficult place to hunt at.

Nevertheless, the cave is a very good hunting place for high leveled Paladins and Sorcerers. A good hunting team consist of two Paladins which shoot Prismatic Bolts or Crystalline Arrows. You can either block the monsters by standing diagonal or run them, but beware of luring more as you can easily die there.
Another good team may be a Knight and a Sorcerer or a Knight and a Paladin.
You can also hunt alone but take care that you don't get overwhelmed by the respawning monsters. Avoid entering the deepest hunting level if you are not able to deal with the full upper level respawn.

You will most likely leave this place at a profit, as Medusae and Serpent Spawns drop very good loot.

Monsters of Medusa Cave
Serpent Spawn
Serpent Spawn
Missing File
Missing File
Warning Icon Red

Below is a geographic spoiler, if you wish to explore this cave by yourself, stop reading here.

On the way to the Medusa Cave you will meet a lot of Quara Scouts besides the creatures on the surface of Talahu. Way to the Medusa Cave:

Route Medusa Cave

The cave:

Medusa Cave Map

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