The Maze of Bazir is a part of the Pits of Inferno in which Bazir's throneroom is found. Bazir is known as the lord of lies, thus the principal theme of the maze is deceit. This theme is exhibited in a few ways, such as:

  1. There are many levers throughout the maze, but all of them work against the player except the final one, concealed beneath an orc corpse, which opens a portal to the throneroom (the goal).
  2. There are many other leads that serve to steer explorers off-course, for example the locked door which has a hole leading down to a teleport.
  3. The goal's lever itself is concealed beneath a non-decaying orc corpse.
  4. The maze has many "fake" monsters: "Demon" goblins, fake phantasms.

Although the maze has only 3 floors, on the top floor of the maze there are rope holes. These will lead to the Pits of Inferno Dragon Lair and there is no way back.

Maze of Bazir Floor 1
The bottom floor of the maze (you start here).
Maze of Bazir Floor 2
The middle floor of the maze.
Maze of Bazir Floor 3
The top floor of the maze. All further rope holes will lead you to the Pits of Inferno Dragon Lair, with no option to turn back.
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