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You see a massive energy elemental.


    Obviously some of the sparks that are the core of Energy Elementals are significantly more powerful. They accumulate quite deadly and violent storms around them. They are strong and they are fast, and these are the most positive characteristics one can say about them. Massive Energy Elementals prey on every living being to chase and torment it. The Massive Energy Elemental is by far more malicious than its smaller cousin. It enjoys particularly the chase and often uses less power than it has on its disposal to extend the hunt.
    Massive Energy Elementals often ride on real storms and hurricanes and enjoy the damage and destruction they are causing. Facing a Massive Energy Elemental is like facing a storm itself. They also enjoy to occur in groups and to cause a large path of destruction. You can also see them in greater numbers right before a storm is forming. So it is not surprising that they have always been seen as an evil omen.

    This creature can make nasty combo's. In addition they are faster than a hasted Giant Spider. Not a very profitable creature to hunt, unless you are looking for a pair of Lightning Legs.


    Melee (0-220), Energy Explosion (270-615), Heavy Magic Missile (175-205), Spark Bomb (on itself, it electrifies you 25 hp/10 turns for 250 total damage), Self Healing.

    Damage Taken From Elements

    • Physical
    • Holy
    • Death
    • Fire
    • Energy
    • Ice
    • Earth


    North west of Ankrahmun, you must Levitate here to hunt them. Two can also be found in the Asura Palace.


    Same as Energy Elemental.


    Note to all vocations: Bring Parcels and Potions to hunt them. Wearing energy resistant items will also help. When facing multiple of these elementals, you should use Stoneshower runes. It is possible to hunt these creatures using the old stairhop-method.
    Knights: not good monster to hunt alone, but if you want to solo this, you should use earth-imbued weapons rather than non-imbued weapons. It's better to have a Druid or Sorcerer as shooter, using Terra Strike.
    Paladins: with a blocker, shoot Earth Arrows; if you are going to solo them, use Assassin Stars and earth runes.
    Sorcerers: can use Earth strike to kill these elementals. Not recommended to hunt these creatures on a sorcerer, as sorcerers lack earth attacks. Druids: can use Earth attacks (Strong Terra Strike, Terra Wave, Terra Strike) to kill these elementals fast. It is possible to hunt them without Mana Shield if you wear Lightning Set and your level is above 75. You might need to use Haste spells if your level is below 90. Keep an eye on your health bar and try to have full hp at all times. Avoid melee attacks.


    (Loot Statistics)

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