You see Marvik
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Thais Druid Guild, underground at The City Wall and Main Street.


The chief of all druids, and sells all non-premium spells. He used to sell Great Fireball before the Winter Update 2007.


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Player: hi
Marvik: Welcome to my cave, Player. How may I help you?
Player: army
Marvik: I don't care about armies.
Player: job
Marvik: I am the chief druid. I am responsible for all members.
Player: druid
Marvik: I am a druid. Druids concentrate their magic on defence, healing, and nature.
Player: magic or power
Marvik: Everyone who joins the Druids has the opportunity to learn many magic spells.
Player: spells
Marvik: Sorry, I only sell spells to druids.
Player: members
Marvik: Our members use their magic power to protect their life and the life of other creatures.
Player: king or Tibianus
Marvik: Kings come and go.
Player: name
Marvik: I am Marvik. Probably you heard from me.
Player: Marvik
Marvik: Marvik is my name, so what?
Player: crunor's caress
Marvik: It was a small order of druids in the past. Their followers wanted the druids to become more involved with the daily affairs of men.
Player: time
Marvik: Eh, I haven't seen daylight for a long time. So, don't ask me, what time it is.
Player: sorcerers
Marvik: Sorcerers are very aggressive. They use their power for fighting and killing.


Gods and legends

Player: Excalibug
Marvik: Even in my visions, I couldn't get any enlightenment about the whereabouts of this weapon of legend.
Player: Ferumbras
Marvik: A misguided follower of evil.
Player: Crunor
Marvik: Crunor, the eternal tree, is more than nature. Even more as the sum of each part of nature.


NPCs in Thais

Player: Baxter
Marvik: I don't know him.
Player: Bozo
Marvik: I don't like his kind of humour.
Player: Donald McRonald
Marvik: The McRonalds are true believers.
Player: Eclesius
Marvik: A confused magician living outside of the city walls. I never talked to him.
Player: Elane
Marvik: Paladins are quite proud of their magic but lack the understanding of the powers they wield.
Player: Frodo
Marvik: A little more seriousity would suite him well.
Player: Gorn
Marvik: A shopkeeper.
Player: Gregor
Marvik: Warriors are the main recipients of our healing powers.
Player: Harkath Bloodblade
Marvik: I understand, he's a warrior of some kind.
Player: Lugri
Marvik: A misguided soul who lost the path in the darkness.
Player: Lynda
Marvik: Though she focuses not only on Crunor, she is an enlightened person.
Player: Muriel
Marvik: So much power and so little philosophy ... a dangerous combination indeed.
Player: Oswald
Marvik: He saws the seeds of evil through spreading rumours.
Player: Quentin
Marvik: He is a great healer.
Player: Samuel
Marvik: An armourer.
Player: bye
Marvik: Farewell.