In real life, marriage is a binding contract between two people to unite to kinship. Similarly, Tibia has a marriage system. The Tibia marriage system is alike in some respects, but contrasting in others. For example, marriage is similar in that a character may not have multiple spouses at one time (the law forbids this in most countries). However, other laws governing marriages do not exist in Tibia. This means that same-sex marriage is permitted in Tibia.


To get married, you will first need to prepare items such as wedding rings and outfits. The full list is:

And anything else which the party wish, to add formality to the wedding, such as roses, decor and the like. Note that weddings are not private, and uninvited players may crash weddings, so a party may prefer to hold a privately held wedding before or after.

A couple marries by requesting to be wed by priests. Both persons must engage in a conversation with a priest (may or may not be the same priest) simultaneously. There are priests with the right to marry in Thais (Lynda), Carlin (Tibra), Ab'Dendriel (Llathriel) and Kazordoon (Ferus). There are no level requirements to be met in order to marry, nor do you require a Premium Account.

After the couple get married, their wedding rings will be engraved with "player 1 and player 2 forever - married on date.". They will also receive Newly Wed Outfits.

For their honeymoon, they will be allowed access to Meluna for a day. Just say 'hi' 'meluna' 'yes' to the priest to get teleported to Ferryman Kamil. He can then sail you to Meluna. Players may remain there until after their honeymoon day, but should they ever leave from thereon, they cannot return (unless they remarry).


In order to start the ceremony, both players must give their marriage items to the NPC:

Player 1 & 2: hi
Lynda: Welcome in the name of the gods, pilgrim Player 1!
Player 1 & 2: marriage
Lynda: Before we can start the marriage ceremony, each of you need to hand me a blank wedding ring and a box with a wedding outfit. Player 1/Player 2, do you have these items with you and are you willing to give them to me now?
Player 1 & 2: yes
Lynda: Thank you. I'll give them back to you when the time is right. Please make sure that BOTH of you have handed me your items before we start the ceremony.

After both players give their items, now the ceremony can start:

Player 1: ceremony
Lynda: Do you wish me to initiate the marriage ceremony now?
Player 1: yes
Lynda: In the name of the Gods of Benevolence, I ask you, Player 1: are both of you ready and eager to be bound in marriage?
Player 1: yes
Lynda: A moment of silence please... I hereby invoke the eternal powers who watch over our souls and lives. Please repeat after me: May the gods bless us!
Player 1: may the gods bless us
Lynda: I ask thee, Player 1, what is the name of the person your heart belongs to?
Player 1: Player 2
Lynda: Player 1, are you sure of your love to Player 2 and wish to bind your souls together for eternity?
Player 1: yes
Lynda: So by the powers of the Gods, your soul is now bound to your beloved. Player 2, now step forward and tell me if your heart belongs to Player 1 too.

Now have your fiancee speak to her, saying the following:

Player 2: My heart belongs to Player 1
Lynda: Lynda: I ask thee, Player 2, will you honour your beloved Player 1 and will you stay at each other's side even through the darkest as well as lightest hours of life?
Player 2: yes
Lynda: By the powers of the Gods your souls are now bound together for eternity. As a symbol of your love, receive your engraved wedding rings and festive clothes. ...
Lynda: May the Gods watch with grace over your future life as a married couple. Go now and celebrate your honeymoon on the peaceful island of Meluna!


As in real life, a player can file for divorce. In Tibia one would request it from a priest. However, not all priests will grant this. Lynda, for example, is against divorcing and suggests that only a drunken priest would support such a proposal. In order to get divorced, one must travel to Port Hope and request it from the drunken priest, Brewster or ask Lugri north of Thais. Brewster will charge 5,000 gold for the divorce, Lugri will charge 10,000 gold, but in the event your marriage is voided, both players will have their Engraved Wedding Rings broken. You will also lose your Newly Wed Outfits, which can be attained again by remarrying. Unlike marrying players, divorcing only takes one of the players' permissions to get a divorce.

Note: You can avoid breaking your ring if you store in your depot or house.

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You will get the achievement Commitment Phobic after getting divorced 3 times.
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Lynda, Thais

Player: Hi
Lynda: Welcome in the name of the Gods, pilgrim Player.
Player: Divorce
Lynda: Oh, what a shameful thought! Marriage is meant to be for eternity! Only the most unscrupulous or drunken priests would carry out a divorce.

Note: Lynda will not grant you a divorce.

Brewster, Port Hope

Player: Hi
Brewster: G...greetings <hicks>. What can I <hicks> do for you?
Player: Divorce
Brewster: <hicks> What, a divorce? Do you yearn for the joys of singledom? <hicks> I know it well, my marriage was a battleground... but less of that. Are you unhappily married?
Player: yes
Brewster: Really? I feel your p... pain, friend. <hicks> Not that I have a special connection to the Gods or anything <hicks> - but I can fix you up with a d... divorce, if that's what you want. <hicks> Do you?
Player: yes
Brewster: Hm. You see, uh... I would do it for free, but <hicks> I could in fact use some cash. Do me a favour and 'donate' 5000 gold coins so I can buy some, uhm... bibles. Then I'll do the rest. <hicks> What do you say?
Player: yes
Brewster: No p... problem. And no turning back now! But, just to be certain, <hicks> - are you sure that you want to free yourself from the misery of being tied to the good-for-nothing person you married in a moment of madness?
Player: yes
Brewster: Ehem. <hicks> By the Gods and b... beer and blah blah blah... let this unhappy and mistaken marriage come to an end. All b... <burp> bonds be broken and so on. Thanks for the beer - I mean bible money. <hicks> Don't make the same mistake again!

Note: He will only grant you a divorce if you have 5,000 gold.

If you do not have 5,000 gold pieces Brewster will say:

Brewster: Damn, I bet <hicks> your cheating spouse took all of your money <hicks> from you. You're as poor as a church mouse. <hicks>

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