You see Markwin
NPC Bubble D


In his castle in Mintwallin


Markwin is the ruler of Mintwallin.

Warning Icon Red

The first time you say 'hi' to him, he will summon 2 Minotaur Guards, 2 Minotaur Mages and 4 Minotaur Archers.

You can talk with him from outside of the building, so you can avoid standing within the spawn. You must kill the spawn nevertheless afterwards since Markwin will abrupt the conversation before you can say anything.

You shouldn't end a conversation with 'bye' or 'farewell'. Markwin will answer "Go to hell! Burn!" and set you on fire resulting in an overall loss of 200 hitpoints.

Aside from a small group of outcasts, Markwin claims to be king of all minotaurs. He has never fully recovered from an encounter with a Dragon. His son's name is Ian.

Protected by a large labyrinth, the minotaurs in Mintwallin have been largely undisturbed in their underground community.

Markwin wrote a series of five Books, namely the Chronicles of Mintwallin I, II, III, IV and V.

Part of the Postman Missions Quest.
Part of What a Foolish Quest, mission 10.


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(note: underlined words are spelling mistakes and might be corrected atm by Cipsoft)

Player: hi
Markwin: Oh its you again. What du you want, hornless messenger?
Player: job
Markwin: I am the king of all minotaurs. I have been the king for more than 320 years.
Player: king
Markwin: I am the real king!
Player: Mintwallin
Markwin: The former glorious city lies in the dirt. It is my home. I founded it about 180 years ago, when we found this lovely place.
Player: place
Markwin: Na! You will have to find it yourself!
Player: prisoner
Markwin: He is totally mad. I don't know how he could find the way through the labyrinth. I arrested him in the prison.
Player: human
Markwin: I hate them all. Minotaurs have no own spelling, so I used the speech of the humans. Once I was a prisoner of them. Since then I hate them - and since then I can speak and write in their language.
Player: demon
Markwin: He was the beginning of our end. He is mighty and powerful. He killed many brave minos and after his arrival we weren't able to go up to the surface.
Player: minotaurs
Markwin: My fellows all are minotaurs. It is my folk. I am the king of all minos.
Player: kaplar
Markwin: I really don't know what it means. But ALL minos say it! Terrible!
Player: time
Markwin: Don't ask me such stupid questions. My time is over right now.
Player: Palkar
Markwin: He is the leader of the outcast. In former times he was my best warrior, but now he is my worst enemy.
Player: secret laboratory
Markwin: Hehe - you will never find a way to enter it. The outcast stole the key. You are too weak to conquer it. HARHARHAR.
Player: outcasts
Markwin: Those are no minos any longer. They left the city and killed their brothers. And they stole the key to my secret lab.
Player: key
Markwin: There are many keys. The outcast stole the key to our secret lab! They should burn!
Player: enter
Markwin: To enter the laboratory is pretty difficult.
Player: enter the laboratory
Markwin: First of all you will need a second fellow to help you.
Player: second fellow
Markwin: Yeah - he has to step on a special tile and an entrance will appear at a very poisenous place!
Player: second
Markwin: After you entered the first area you will need the key from the outcasts.
Player: poisonous place
Markwin: Na! You will have to find it yourself!
Player: bye
Markwin: Hm ... good bye.