Marapur is an archipelago located south of Roshamuul and east of Ankrahmun. It is the home of the Nagas, creatures whose lower bodies resemble enormous snakes but have a humanoid torso and head. It has two settlements: Silvertides, in the coastal area, and Moonfall, in the mountain area.


Marapur NPCs (21 NPCs)

Name Job Buy/Sell Location
Amra Amra.gif Postman Moonfall's post office.
Asphota Asphota.gif Equipment Shopkeeper Silvertides
Candra Candra.gif Monarch Palace of the Raja at Silvertides
Dhira Dhira.gif Unknown.
Giri Giri.gif Jewelry Shopkeeper Moonfalls marketplace
Haani Haani.gif Furniture Shopkeeper Moonfalls marketplace.
Isika Isika.gif Shopkeeper Silvertides marketplace.
Jata Jata.gif Informer Silvertides, east of depot
Kaumudi Kaumudi.gif Unknown.
Nagging Naga Nagging Naga.gif Unknown.
Nihaka Nihaka.gif Unknown.
Nilavarna Nilavarna.gif Monarch Palace of the Raja at Silvertides
Nipuna Nipuna.gif Magic Shopkeeper Silvertides marketplace.
Saraki Saraki.gif Unknown.
Sessek Sessek.gif Unknown.
Sissek Sissek.gif Banker Moonfall's bank.
Sundara Sundara.gif Magic Shopkeeper Moonfall's marketplace
Tarisu Tarisu.gif Shaman Silvertides' temple
Udu Udu.gif Scientist Moonfalls observatory tower.
Vrisaki Vrisaki.gif Shaman Moonfall
Ziyad Ziyad.gif Magic Carpet Manager Moonfall's Magic Carpet