This Tibian mapper, or worldmap is created to replace all links to external worldmap sites. It features a linkable map that works as a popup map.

  • You can drag the map and use the controls to move, zoom and change floor like in tibia.
  • Clicking the center of the wind rose, resets the map to where you were when the page loaded.
  • Use the Mark Manager to add marks as needed.
  • When you finish with the map go to Link and templates to copy the code.
  • Every time you drag, move, zoom the map or modify marks the Link and templates code is auto updated.
Quick links to Towns
Ab'Dendriel Ankrahmun Carlin Darashia Dawnport
Edron Farmine Feyrist Gray Beach Issavi
Kazordoon Krailos Liberty Bay Moonfall Port Hope
Rathleton Rookgaard Roshamuul Silvertides Svargrond
Thais Venore Yalahar
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If you have any problem loading or using this script:

  • Empty your cache and reload the page
  • Update your browser
  • Try with another browser

If you believe you can contribute to improve areas explored on maps, please see “How to contribute” on TibiaMaps.io.