Azerus Vilus wants you to read this paper and its prequel before deciding with whom you want to side during the third mission of the In Service of Yalahar Quest.

Manifest of the Yalahari, Part II

It is obvious that such greatness comes not without sacrifices, but we will make sure to keep them to a minimum. All of our decisions serve a greater good, of course. Even if this is not always obvious, in the end things will work out and provide us all with a better life and a bright future.

Based on the ruins of our former glory, it is hard to imagine how magnificent this future will be, but we, the Yalahari, still carry the vision of what we want to accomplish in our hearts. To bring this vision to life is our greatest goal which we all work towards.

There are elements that see their power and influence waning in these days of change. They are afraid of the things to come, and in their ignorance they cling to the rotting reality they know all too well. They created their own little niches of power and influence and feel guilty for neglecting their duties, and with that also for the decay of the city. They are surely already approaching unsuspecting outsiders to poison their minds with selfish lies. For generations the Augur, once the pride of our people, have done things the same way they had known for generations, and everyone can see where it has taken Yalahar.


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