Property Value
General Properties
Name Mandrake
Item ID 5014
Classification Plants and Herbs
Weight 1.80 oz.
Trade Properties
Value 5,000 - 20,000 gp
Sold for 5,000 gp
Bought for (not sold by NPCs)
Other Properties
Version 7.6
December 12, 2005
Status Active
You see a mandrake.
It weighs 1.80 oz.
This rare root is often used for shamanic medicines.


It used to be a very difficult herb to obtain since it was only lootable from Tiquandas Revenge, its price was around 400k then. It became much cheaper because of the new way to meet Tiquandas Revenge and the chance to loot it from Deathbine. Nowadays, this item's value dropped even more, since it is a very rare drop of regular spawning creatures.

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Needed for an addon of Shaman Outfits Quest. You will have a chance to kill Tiquandas Revenge if you are a Trophy Hunter of Paw and Fur Society.
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Trade Details

Buy From

Players only.

Sell To

NPC City Value
in gp

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