Property Value
General Properties
Name Manafluid
Item ID {{{itemid}}}
Classification Liquids
Weight 1.80 oz.
Trade Properties
Value 5,000 - 50,000 gp
Sold for (not bought by NPCs)
Bought for (not sold by NPCs)
Other Properties
Regeneration Unknown.
Version Pre-6.0
Status Active
You see a vial of manafluid.
It weighs 1.80 oz.
  • Aaaah...


Manafluid spawns in a Potion Stand in the Magician Quarter.

Manafluid is a fluid just like blood and water. It restores between 50 and 150 mana. Until the introduction of potions, the manafluid was the only item to regenerate mana instantly. These days you can obtain it from Potion Stands in Yalahar Magician Quarter and in multiple places around Glooth Factory. It doesn't respawn daily, but once it does, you can move it into another fluid containers. It looks the same as Wine.


With update 8.1 the following changes occurred:

  • Potions are introduced. Manafluid becomes obsolete.
  • Magic Shopkeeper NPCs no longer sell vials of Manafluid. They used to for 55gp each.
  • Note that they are still obtainable from daily respawns.

They used to spawn in a tavern at Nargor. This was removed in an unknown update.

Dropped By

  • This item is not dropped by any creatures.

Trade Details

Buy From

Players only.

Sell To

Players only.

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