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About This World

  • Server is currently in war. The war is between Twi vs. Funny Fight
  • Mostly populated by Brazilians, and the main language is Portuguese.
  • Oldest Guild is Exercito Nacional.

Aditional Info

First level 100 on Malvera Troyer Hypnos

First Elite Knight 100 Troyer Hypnos (Hacked and downgraded to 84)

First Royal Paladin 100 Sorigotti (Hacked and rooked)

First Master Sorcerer 100 Rillary (Deleted)

First Elder Druid 100 Malvezes Street (Deleted)

First level 300 Tyrusam

Second golden boots in Tibia (all servers) owned by Dravzin

First Level 200 on Malvera Clix Zaro First Mage / Sorcerer Level 200 Inplaz First Mage / Druid Level 200 Kout

First Magic Level 9 Knight Troyer lord sol

First Ghazbaran Blocked by Dravzin

First Orshabaal blocked by Clix Zaro

First Morgaroth blocked by Berisvaudinho

Player with the highest level

Golden GobletTyrusamlevel 316, EK
Silver GobletHullonglevel 307, MS
Bronze GobletKalthen Kesakothlevel 279, ED

Player with the best skill

Solar AxeAxePrincess'Crystal106
The StomperClubArcangel Feli100
The DevileyeDistanceLeo Sinner108
Claw of 'The Noxious Spawn'FistMabela Malk74
Emerald SwordSwordGolthen103
Rainbow ShieldShieldingPrincess'Crystal105
Spellbook of Dark MysteriesMagicHullong87
Mechanical Fishing RodFishingRonaldo Malk92


Hell vs. Capao Beach in Jun/2008 - Hell won the war.

Solum Lege vs. Capao Beach in Nov/2008 - Solum Lege won the war.

Funny Fight vs. Dark Alliance in Mar/2009 - Funny Fight won the war.

Funny Fight vs. Kore in Set/2009 - Funny Fight won the war.

Eternal Pride vs. Insanos in Dec/2009 - Eternal Pride won the war.

House Down vs. Insanos/New Era in Mar/2010 - House Down won the war.

Authority vs. Sangreal Kamikaze in June/2010 - Sangreal Kamikaze had more frags but agreed to leave it as a draw.

Feared/Camp Kobe vs. Funny Fight August/2010 - funny fight wont the war

Twi vs. Funny Fight Ocotber/2010

Rare Item

Rainbow Shield - Rainbow Shield Owned by Moopsy

Golden Boots - Golden Boots Owned by Tyrusam.

Morgaroth's Heart - Morgaroth's Heart Looted and Owned by Berisvaudinho

Outfit Summoner Female Addon 3 - Full Summoner Outfits Owned by Moopsy

Crystal Mace - 2 Crystal Mace Owned by Tyrusam

Divine Plate - Divine Plate Owned by Berisvaudinho

Amazon Helmet - Amazon Helmet Owned by Berisvaudinho, Inp, and Bulseye

Plasmother's Remains - The Plasmother's Remains Owned by Tyrusam

Piece of Massacre's Shell - Piece of Massacre's Shell Owned by Tyrusam

CM Token - CM Token Owned by Dory Lee On Main Island

Voltage Armor - Voltage Armor Owned by Tyrusam

Djinn Blade - Djinn Blade Owned by Tyrusam

Toy Spider - Toy Spider Owned by Tyrusam

Runed Sword - 3 Runed Sword Owned by Tyrusam, Legend Madness and by Moopsy

Magician Hat - 8 Magician Hat 2 Owned by Tyrusam, 4 Owned by Legend Madness and 2 Owned by Moopsy

Mini Mummy - Mini Mummy Owned by Avelouz

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