You see Malor
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Top of Mal'ouquah (Green Djinn Fortress)


Malor was once a general of the Djinn under Gabel, but an ancient incident split the Djinn into their now separate factions. Malor and his Efreet and Green Djinn live with a great amount of anger and a sense of vengeance. They are also driven by a desire for eventual world domination.

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Malor: Greetings, human Player. My patience with your kind is limited, so speak quickly and choose your words well.
Player: job
Malor: I am the true leader of all djinn - perhaps not by birth, but certainly by merit. One day all djinn will come to recognise that I alone deserve to be king.
Player: djinn
Malor: We are strong and proud. One day we will take our rightful place on the throne of creation, and your vulgar race will either serve us or perish. ...
Malor: Nothing personal, human. It is a natural process. And you humans will find that the djinn can be just masters.
Player: efreet
Malor: We are djinn! The true djinn! Those who have not let themselves be fooled by the silver-tongued blathering of that perfidious snake called Daraman.
Player: marid
Malor: The so-called Marid have forgotten what it is like to be djinn! They are weak!
Player: Gabel
Malor: That fool. He thought he'd got rid of me for good. But I'm back, and this time I will finish what I have begun. That weak-willed wimp has held on to power far too long.
Player: Daraman
Malor: Of all human liars and schemers he was the worst. This self-styled prophet single-handedly managed to disunite my race and to spark a bloody civil war. ...
Malor: If somebody fulfilled a wish for me for a change I would bring him back to life and make him pay.
Player: Fa'hradin
Malor: Fa'hradin is Gabel's lieutenant. I have known him for a long time, and I have always respected him. ...
Malor: Unfortunately he chose the wrong side when the time to chose sides came. I have not given up hope of winning him over for some reason, but if I meet him on the battlefield I will not hesitate to kill him myself.
Player: Kha'zeel
Malor: They say the Kha'zeel mountains have been made by gods. If that is true they must have left long ago, because I have lived here for eons, and I have never met one of them.
Player: Ankrahmun
Malor: Even though it always was a human settlement I have always had a soft spot for the place. I am even thinking about making it my capital once I have taken over the world.
Player: Kha'labal
Malor: Kha'labal. I do not like that desert. Looking at it brings up bad memories.
Player: Darashia
Malor: Darashia is a very rich city. Once this war is won I will drop by at the Caliph's palace and pay my respects, if you know what I mean.
Player: humans
Malor: Your race is weak, but incurably treacherous. I will never forgive humanity the fact that it was one of your kind who spread the seed of dissent among the djinn.
Player: hail malor
Malor: That is me. I was away for a long time, but now I am back with a vengeance.
Player: war
Malor: Gabel and Fa'hradin thought the war was over when they managed to trap me in that accursed lamp. But they have been a bit rash. After all those years I'm still here, and my thirst for revenge is stronger than ever!
Player: lamp
Malor: We djinn use them to sleep.
Player: any mainland city
Malor: I hear the humans have built impressive cities on the great continent. It looks like many things have changed while I was caught in that stupid lamp.
Player: Akh/Rah/Uthun or Akh'rah Uthun
Malor: Another one of that loony pharaoh's bright ideas. Nothing but nonsense and balderdash.
Player: pharaoh
Malor: I have heard that pompous pharaoh believes himself to be some sort of deity. That pathetic bonehead a god? Don't make me laugh!
Player: Scarab
Malor: Scarabs are ancient creatures, which is why I respect them. But I will never allow any of these critters to undermine the foundations of my fortress.
Player: Melchior
Malor: Melchior! Hah, that fool! Is he still alive? I never thought the old wretch would make it after I gave him my special treatment and sent him out into the Kha'labal. ...
Malor: Amazing, really. It has often occurred to me how much humans resemble rats - they are just as hard to kill!
Player: Mal'ouquah
Malor: Do you like this place? I have built Mal'ouquah as a home for those among my kind who did not fall for Daraman's sugar covered lies. From here I shall rule the world when the time has come.
Player: Gods
Malor: Are not the creators reflected in their creations? Look around! What do you see? There is nothing but cowardice and treachery in the world of humans. ...
Malor: How low the gods must be who made them. I have no respect for them.
Malor: Ascension? That does ring a bell. Isn't that an element of the pharaoh's doctrines.
Player: king
Malor: I may not have reached my goal yet, but neither has that accursed Gabel. As long as the Marid and Efreet are disunited neither of us can call himself the king of all djinn.
Player: Tibia
Malor: The world of Tibia is ours by right. I will not rest until we have conquered it.
Player: Alesar
Malor: Oh yes, Alesar! I bet Gabel went mad when he learnt that Alesar switched sides. If only I had been there to watch his face.
Player: Baa'Leal
Malor: I suppose you have met Baa'leal already? The fact that you have survived that encounter shows that you are surprisingly strong for a human. ...
Malor: I almost feel some respect for you... Well, almost.
Player: Ashta'daramai
Malor: Ashta'daramai is the fortress of our sworn enemies, the oh so powerful Marid. The day will come when I see its smouldering walls collapse.
Player: Orc King
Malor: Ah yes. My good old friend the foolish orc. He has rendered me a great service, you know? He released me from that accursed lamp! ...
Malor: In return I have fulfilled three wishes for him, but somehow I can't help the feeling that he is not wonderfully happy about the way things have turned out.
Player: bye
Malor: Farewell, human. When I have taken my rightful place I shall remember those who served me well. Even if they are only humans.

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