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Gnome Deep Hub.


Creatures from the Gnome Deep Hub, Warzone 4, Warzone 5 and Warzone 6.

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Base Outfit

Outfit Makeshift Warrior Male.gifOutfit Makeshift Warrior Female.gif

Use a Plan for a Makeshift Armour to obtain the base outfit. It is dropped by the Warzone 4 boss, The Baron from Below.

By using the plan you knock together a makeshift armour out of wooden planks, rusty nails and leather rags.

Addon 1 (Shield and Weapon)

Outfit Makeshift Warrior Male Addon 1.gifOutfit Makeshift Warrior Female Addon 1.gif

Use Crude Wood Planks to obtain the first addon. It is dropped by the Warzone 6 boss, The Duke of the Depths

You use the wooden planks to knock up a makeshift shield and weapon.

Addon 2 (Tinged Pot)

Outfit Makeshift Warrior Male Addon 2.gifOutfit Makeshift Warrior Female Addon 2.gif

Use a Tinged Pot to obtain the second addon. It is dropped by the Warzone 5 boss, The Count of the Core.

You use the tinged pot as a makeshift helmet.


Besides the Makeshift Warrior Outfits you will also receive Cobbled and Patched Achievement which was implemented one month after the quest and outfits.