You see a mailbox.
Royal Tibia Mail.


Mailboxes are found in every hometown, in or near depots, and other locations on the street throughout each town.


A mailbox is used to send Parcels or Letters to yourself or other players. See the page on Sending Parcels for more detailed instructions.

Mailbox Locations

There also are some Royal Mailboxes, which are close to Hunting Places, but you must have completed a quest in order to be able to use them. That way, you don't have to drag a Loot Bag all the way to the depot. Also, there is a mailbox in Vega, near Santa's House. This one, however, cannot be used.

Warning Icon Red.png

You cannot use royal mailboxes (usually near hunting grounds) unless you have completed the entire Postman Quest.

Mailboxes Near Hunting Areas

Available Mailboxes (not locked)

Royal Mailboxes (locked)