The Tibian mail system can be used to send Letters or Parcels to anyone that is on the same Game World as you, including yourself. It sends to the global Inbox and does not require the recipient to be online. Below you will find detailed instructions on how to use this system successfully.

Sending Letters

Letters are used to send textual messages to yourself or another character. To send a letter, you need to follow these instructions:

  • First, you need to buy a new letter from one of the Postman NPCs (usually in or near a Depot). Sometimes Dwarves also drop letters.
  • To send the letter, the first line needs to be the name of the character you are sending it to. The rest of the letter can contain your message.
    Example of a letter:


Hello my old friend,

  • Once you have finished addressing and writing your letter, simply drop it onto a mailbox. Be aware that some special mailboxes in the mainland cannot be used to send parcels and letters. An example is the mailbox located on Vega at Santa's Home.
  • Note that it isn't possible for a character to send more than 20 letters within 10 minutes. Any letter that is tried to be sent after this quota has been reached will stay on top of the Mailbox.

Sending Parcels

You will need
  • Parcel. Buy a parcel at Postman NPCs. Make sure the parcel is unstamped, which it would be if you bought it from the NPC.
  • Label. Buy a label at Postman NPCs. You can also pick one up from the floor, but remember to overwrite the contents (read on).
Add the items
  1. Add the items to the parcel. The parcel can accept 10 items, one being the label, but you can load Backpacks of items to send an infinite amount.
  2. Add the label to the parcel.
    • Important: do this after placing your items in the parcel. This ensures the label is in the top slot, which is checked first to find the recipient. If another label is found before it, the parcel will be sent to the wrong person!
    • Important: make sure the label is in the parcel and not in any containers inside the parcel. Only the parcel will be checked for a label.
Label the parcel
  1. Use the Label and remove any text in it.
  2. Add the recipient name exactly on the first line. Press enter to create a new line.
  3. If you want to send a message, you can add a short one under the recipient name. This is optional.
    • You may find labels with city names on the second line. Parcels sent to depots before the introduction of the global Inbox, it is no longer necessary to provide a city name.
  4. Place the label inside the parcel.
Send the parcel
  1. Find a Mailbox. These exist at Depots and in some streets.
  • If possible, wait for people to leave the area. If for some reason your parcel cannot send, the parcel will sit on top of the mailbox, for anyone to take.
  1. If possible, wait until people leave the area.
  2. Drag the unstamped Parcel on the mailbox.
    • Note: do not try this on the mailbox by Santa's Home on Vega. It won't work.
    • Note: to gain access to many more mailboxes, you can complete The Postman Missions Quest.

If your parcel does not send:

  • Is the label in the parcel? Parcels can only send if a label is found inside them. Labels found inside a deeper container within the parcel will not count.
  • Is the recipient's name spelled correctly?
  • Is the recipient on the same server as you? You cannot send cross-server.
  • Is the parcel unstamped? You cannot reuse parcels, once they are sent they become stamped parcels.
    Parcel Parcel. You should be sending this.
    Stamped Parcel Stamped Parcel. You cannot send this.
  • Have you sent a lot of mail recently? There is a muting system in place to prevent mail spam. The following rules apply for mass sending of mail:
    • You cannot send to a single recipient more than 10 times within an hour.
    • You cannot send to anyone more than 20 times within 10 minutes.
    • You cannot send to anyone more than 100 times within a day.
  • Is the mailbox a true mailbox? Stand next to the mailbox and look at it. It should say:
    You see a mailbox.
    Royal Tibia Mail.

    If it does not, find another mailbox which does.

Parcel Bugs

Many players experience difficulties sending parcels and blame it on a "parcel bug". CipSoft has extensively investigated reports and eliminated the possiblity of technical explanations. CipSoft customer support has stated they no longer investigate reports of parcels being lost under the belief that the system works as intended.

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