The Marid Territory in the Magician Quarter of Yalahar is the second place where you can hunt Blue Djinns, if you started/finished the Green Djinn Quest. It is a good idea to start the Blue Djinn hunting task of Killing in the Name of... Quest before you start hunting here. The area consists of a ground floor with around 10 Blue Djinns and a building with Blue Djinns with increasing difficulty when going up; also containing Marids at the highest floors.


Marid territory
Blue Djinn
Blue Djinn
Missing File
Missing File
Fahim the Wise
Fahim the Wise
Missing File


Marid Territory 0
There are 11 Blue Djinns on the ground floor, you will face a maximum of 3 at one time if not lured.

Marid Territory 1
There are 7 Blue Djinns on the first floor, again you will face a maximum of 3 at a time.

Marid Territory 2
There are 4 Blue Djinns on the second floor.

Marid Territory 3
There are 4-6(?) Blue Djinns and 4 Marids on the third floor.

Marid Territory 4
There are 2 Blue Djinns and 2 Marids on every tower of the fourth floor which results in a total of 6 Blue Djinns and 6 Marids.

On the fifth floor there is only Fahim The Wise which you can only fight after doing a task in a certain quest.

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