The magician quarter does not look as run down as the others, but it is inhabited by many dark and evil sorcerers. Once in a while you can still find a helping soul there, but you are advised to be very cautious if you want to visit this place. At one part of this quarter, the surface of the earth has broken open and creatures of hell try to come to the surface.

The hunting areas in this quarter are separated by walls, no evil being can escape to the main road. The quarter is divided in six regions:


Magician Quarter NPCs (7 NPCs)
BarryBarryGuardBetween Magician Quarter and Sunken Quarter, Yalahar.
EthanEthanPaladin Guild LeaderYalahar, north-east from the Magician Quarter's entrance.
LuciusLuciusInformerYalahar (Magician Quarter, south of Ethan), Kazordoon (in the Lightbearer reward room, here) and Temple of Light (here).
OrtheusOrtheusBeggarMagician Quarter, north-west section one floor up.
ReedReedGuardBetween Cemetery Quarter and Magician Quarter.
TamaraTamaraDruidMagician Quarter, near the entrance of north-east part.
TamorilTamorilSorcererMagician Quarter, far north-east.

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