The Magic Web is a force which exists within Tibia but on an entirely different plane of existence than ordinary things. This web acts as a path or tunnel from one point to another. This web apparently exists all about the known world of Tibia. It has been discovered that along certain points in the web, due to other magical forces from humans or the gods that a tear or rip occurs in the web. This hole enables beings to enter the web.

At first the only way out was when in traveling through the web the being encountered another rip and would be sucked back out into the normal world. As mages studied this web they discovered how to create new entrances and exits into it. This of course used immense amounts of magic and energy, resulting in not too much progress. They could direct where these teleports began and ended, as long as it was along the web.

It would seem the gods because they saw the efforts of the people or because they had already planned it created specific paths along the web connecting points they wished for people to travel between. Whatever the manner, certain holes into the web will always return to the same location, and often in reverse as well.

These holes have been named Portals or Magic Forcefields. Sometimes they are apparent by the eerie glow of blue light Magic Forcefield, a sparkling blue fire Mystic Flame or they may not even be seen.

Always be careful around them, especially if you do not know what is on the other side. It may be great riches or it may be certain death!

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