The words for casting spells or for enchanting runes, between others, are composed by a combination of magic syllables. The art of magic is to spell them in correct manner (incantation) to create expected effect. Magic syllables are divided onto few groups defining behaviour of spell.

Magic syllables

Group I - kind of spell

Syllables of this group define the main use of the spell. They are always the first ones during incantation.

ad rune Always used in order to enchant runes. Mages concentrate their powers on a blank rune to reinforce them with magic, for later use.
al house Mages use this syllable to influence on their house properties.
ex instant/action Using this syllable allows to create instant spells, mostly offensive, healing and support self.
ut support This syllable is support one, creating spells which provide the mage with for example light, by speeding up his reactions or even making him invisible to lesser creatures.

Group II - behaviour of spell

Following syllables define what the spell really does. During the incantation of the spell, this syllable is mostly tied with the first one, making single word, but that is not a rule.

amo shield/protect Mages use this syllable to create the only protective spell allowing them to defend while battling ferocious creatures.
ana cancel/remove This syllable is a component of spells which cancel other magic, use undead or remove bad influences from mage.
ani movement/animate Spells including this syllable allows to influence and animate hostile creatures or the mage himself.
eta change/enchant This syllable is part of spells which do some enchantments in reality. They are part of almost all house spells.
evo create Spells which contains this syllable in their spellword are very powerful and widely used. They allow to create many visible effects of magic from simple light to impressive blasts of explosions.
ito destroy This syllable creates spells which disintegrates the bonds of special magic or material objects during journeys.
iva locate This syllable is rarely used and is component of the only spell which allow to find each other.
ori strike This is one of most powerful syllables. It is used in most offensive spells by true masters of magic art.
ura heal This syllable is part of spells very often heard on the battlefield among incantations of offensive spells. It allows casting mage to treat his wounds.

Group III - attributes of spell

This is the complementary group of magic syllables. They are defining how magic will be used or what it will impact. One spellword can have multiple syllables from this group to meet the needs of the mage.

con projectile Just a projectile, an arrow or a bolt. You can conjure them with this syllable.
gran more Mages use this syllable to greatly amplify their spells.
grav field This syllable allow mages to target their spells at chosen fields of terrain.
hur wind/augment Using this syllable as a part of spell creates an augment effect in your spell. It allows breath like attacks, which expand with range, or augment your speed. This syllable is always used as the last one when needed.
ina illusion This syllable allows you to mimic other creatures to scare enemies on the battlefield or some newbies just for fun.
lux light/flash Light is very important while wandering unknown caves or just not to get hit on the head and got robbed at night. It can also help you to kill harder monsters. This syllable is always used as a last one when needed.
mas many/multiple With this syllable spells will create area damage or target multiple creatures.
min less Even though experienced mages prefer the stronger spells, those who need to learn still have to start from the weaker spells.
pan food This syllable helps to create food to regain health and mana after fight.
res creature This syllable allows mages to take as a target some other being.
sio target A syllable to specify which creature or person the spell will be projected on. Either heal a friend, convince a creature or just invite to your house for a cup of coffee.
som sub-owner It's the special syllable used in house spells to designate a sub-owner.
tempo boost Boost your abilities to hit harder, withstand more damage or run quicker from tough situations.
vid visibility Thanks to using this syllable in your spellwords you can hide from enemies or monsters while hunting.

Group IV - used force/element

This group is used when spell needs to call forward elemental powers.

flam fire This syllable conjure eternal fire to teach earth based enemies their place.
frigo ice Cold can be conjured by experienced Druids in order to create great powers against fire based creatures.
mort death Mages use this syllable to make spells which inflict death damage or to breathe force into bolts or creatures.
pox poison Druids know this syllable very well. Using it allows to attack enemies with poison or heal from venom. Poison causes earth damage.
san holy San, from Sanctus or Sanus in Latin, comes from the holy. The perfect attribute to smite the undead.
tera earth Mother Earth can help you when using this syllable to take you out from some oppressions, or to create a massive destruction against energy based creatures.
vis energy Pure energy is difficult to handle, but experienced mages can create great havoc on battlefield with it.
vita life Life is the essence. You can protect it, heal it or create it.

Group V - complements

Some spells need extended complements in order to produce desired effect.

  • ex ani hur - up/down
    Used to levitate on some places (up or down a level).
  • ex ura sio - <target name>
    Used to specify which player is gonna be healed after using that spell.
  • ex iva - <target name>
    Used to specify which player wil be located after using this spell.

Statistics of used syllables

Group I
Group II
Group III
Group IV
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