Property Value
General Properties
Name Magic Light Wand
Item ID 3046
Classification Light Sources
Weight 15.00 oz.
Duration 50 minutes
Trade Properties
Value Rookgaard: 10,000 - 50,000 gp, Mainland: 35 gp
Sold for 35 gp
Bought for 120 gp
Other Properties
Light 0 sqm
Version ?
Status Active
Magic Light Wand.gif
You see a magic light wand that is brand-new.
It weighs 15.00 oz.


    It is one of the only remaining Older Wands. Not used as much anymore since the Ambient Light update. This item is considered rare on Rookgaard, because the only monster there that drops this item is the rare boss Apprentice Sheng. When it is lit, it will turn into a Magic Light Wand (Lit), provide 8 squares of white light, and look like this: Magic Light Wand (Lit).gif

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    Can be obtained through the Voodoo Doll Quest, The Desert Dungeon Quest and the Orc Shaman Quest.

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