Property Value
General Properties
Name Magic Gold Converter
Item ID 28525, 28526
Classification Tools
Weight Unknown.
Trade Properties
Value ? gp
Sold for ? gp
Bought for ? gp
Other Properties
Version 11.73
Status Active
Magic Gold Converter
You see a magic gold converter that has 500 charges left.
You bought this item in the Store or gained it as a daily reward. This item cannot be traded.


Similar to a Gold Converter, this item can be used to convert stacks of 100 Gold Coins to 1 Platinum Coin and 100 Platinum Coin to 1 Crystal Coin. The main difference is that it does this automatically (as opposed to having to manualy use the Converter on the stacks) when a new stack is formed in your inventory, as long as it's turned on: Magic Gold Converter (Activated)

A Magic Gold Converter can be bought in the Store for 15 Tibia Coins Small Tibia Coins.

Even though this item seems like a time saving helper to make some extra money, it is more rewarding to sell the 15 Tibia Coins Small Tibia Coins on the The Market (in most cases). For instance: selling 15 Tibia Coins Small Tibia Coins on Antica will get you around 150k Gold Coin. Converting 500 stacks of Gold Coin will get you 50k.

Dropped By

  • This item is not dropped by any creatures.

Trade Details

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