Property Value
General Properties
Name Magic Forcefield
Item ID 1949
Classification Teleporters
Other Properties
Walk Speed
Version Pre-6.0
Status Active
Magic Forcefield.gif
You see a magic forcefield.
You can see the other side through it.


Around Tibia, usually near some Quests.


A Magic Forcefield is a game square that will teleport your character to a different location when you step on it. Portals cannot be moved, but some may only appear under special circumstances, such as flipping a switch, or placing an item in a specific location. Also, sometimes a portal is present, but it will only teleport you to a special place if you flip a switch or series of switches. Otherwise, it just teleports you to the next square.
Azerus and Versperoth turn into magic forcefields upon death.
Looks the same as a Ship Core and can also appear green.
See also: Mystic Flame

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