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Additional Information

  • Magera was created after the World Transfer system, so it has a high population of server transferred characters.
  • Magera most likely comes from the Latin word "Magia" which means "Magic".
  • Maurolkit is the first player on all tibia servers to get level 600.

Points of Interest

  • New server as of November 17th, 2009.
  • The first guild on the world was the Wandering.
  • Magera is the home of one of the four Rising Dragons guilds, Rising Dragons Magera.
  • Magera got the highest known character in the History of Tibia, Maurolkit, with a current level of 649


  • The Mageran community is seriously against botters and has a stable, up-to-date blacklist system.
  • Many helpful players who help lower level characters on quests.


  • Not able to train with summon creatures. A knight or paladin can't train with a monk of other sorcerer or druid.


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