Property Value
Geographical Properties
Nearest City Edron
Position 130.51, 123.198, 7
Personal Properties
Gender Female
Race Human
Occupational Properties
Job Guard
Other Properties
Version 10.8
July 21, 2015
Status Active
You see Maeryn.
  • Not enough purple nightshade ... not enough liquid silver. *sigh*
  • You think the full moon is a romantic affair? Think again!
  • This place isn't safe. You should leave this island.


South-west on Grimvale, in a small house.


She admitted herself to being the protector of Grimvale. Normally, she is on the ground floor of her house. However, when it's full moon on Grimvale she will barricade herself upstairs.
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Part of the Grimvale Quest.
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Player: hi
Maeryn: Greetings, visitor. I wonder what may lead you to this {dangerous} place.
Player: dangerous/beasts
Maeryn: So you don't know it yet. This island, Grimvale, is affected by were-sickness. Many {pitiful}, who are stricken with the curse, dwell in the {tunnels} and caverns underneath the village and the nearby hurst.
Player: pitiful
Maeryn: Yes, pitiful. For they are savage beasts now who regularly come up from below to attack the village. But once they were inhabitants of Grimvale, before they {changed}.
Player: changed
Maeryn: Through a bite or even a scratch, you may be infected with the were-sickness. If that happens, there is little {hope} - until the next full moon you'll change into a were-creature, depending on the animal that hurt you.
Player: hope
Maeryn: There is a plant, the purple nightshade. It blossoms exclusively in the light of the full moon and only underground, where the full moon's light is falling through fissures in the surface. Only this plant's blossoms are able to defeat the {were-sickness}.
Player: were-sickness/Curse
Maeryn: It transforms peaceful villagers into savage beasts. We're not sure how this curse found the way into our small village. But one day it began. At first it befell just a few people. ...
Maeryn: In a full moon night they changed into bears and wolves, and tore apart their unsuspecting relatives while they were asleep. ...
Maeryn: Those merely wounded, first thought they were lucky. But then we realised they were changing, too. Later, others assumed the forms of badgers and boars also. ...
Maeryn: But that does not mean they were any less wild or dangerous than the others.
Player: tunnels
We are not sure what they are doing down there. We're glad if they stay in the caverns and leave us alone. Only at full moon do they come up and threaten the island's surface and village. ...
Maeryn: I, however, have a {hunch} as to why they dwell so deep under the earth.
Player: hunch
There are old legends about a subterranean temple that was once built in this area. Supposedly many {artefacts} are still hidden down there. ...
Maeryn: I don't have the time to tell you the entire tale, but there is a book downstairs in which you may read the whole story.
Player: artefacts
Maeryn: Yes, the story goes that there are ancient artefacts still hidden in the temple ruins, such as helmets in the form of wolven heads, for example. It is said that moonlight crystals are needed to enchant these artefacts.
Player: moon
Maeryn: Every month around the 13th, the single Tibian moon will by fully visible to us. That's when the curse hits us hardest. ...
Maeryn: The two days around the 13th, the 12th and the 14th, are considered 'Harvest Moon', those are the best to gather {nightshade}. However, only after it has reached its apex on the 13th, the curse strengthens. ...
Maeryn: We do not know what happens down there in those tunnels around that time but there is a presence there, we all feel - yet cannot quite fathom. ...
Maeryn: At full moon, humans transform into wild beasts: wolves, boars, bears and others. Some call it the {Curse} of the Full Moon, others think it is a kind of sickness. ...
Maeryn: During this time, we try to not leave the house, we shut the windows and hope it will pass. The curse will weaken a bit after that but it returns. Every month.
Player: nightshade
Maeryn: Three of these blossoms should suffice to heal some afflicted persons. But if you bring more I'd be grateful, of course.
Player: name
Maeryn: My name is Maeryn.
Player: Maeryn
Maeryn: Yes, that's me.
Player: time
Maeryn: It's exactly time.
Player: job
Maeryn: I'm the protector of this little village. A bit of a self-proclaimed function, I admit, but someone has to watch over {Grimvale}. It is a {dangerous} place.
Player: Grimvale
Maeryn: The small island you are standing on. For a long time it was a peaceful and placid place. But lately it has become more {dangerous}.
Player: Owin
Maeryn: He's an experienced hunter and knows much about the woods, the animals that dwell there, and about the {werewolves}. He's devoted himself to finding out everything there is to know about the {Curse}.
Player: werewolves
Maeryn: Yes, my friend, werewolves. They dwell here on {Grimvale}, threatening our life. The were-sickness transforms peaceful villagers into savage beasts. We're not sure how this curse found its way into our small village. But undoubtedly it did.
Player: Gladys
Maeryn: She's an old druid. She's been living here on {Grimvale} since she was a little girl, just like me. She's very interested in were-creature body parts. If you find any, I'm sure she will love to trade with you.
Player: Cornell
Maeryn: He's basically a ferryman nowadays, but I remember when he was our village's leading fisherman. He offers a ferry service between Grimvale and Edron. You must have met him - he sailed you here.
Player: bye
Maeryn: Farewell, then.

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