You see Madareth.
  • I am going to play with yourself!
  • Feel my wrath!
  • No one matches my battle prowess!
  • You will all die!


Madareth has dedicated his life to battle. Bred by The Ruthless Seven as one of their greatest warlords, Madareth has endured a painful and torturing training. Instead of creating a brilliant leader, though, they gave birth to a savage killing machine that constantly tries to improve his skills by challenging other demonic minions. Even if Madareth only uses a fraction of his skills, the usual outcome of such fights is a stack of Juggernauts and demons hacked to pieces. It is rumoured that he even defeated the mighty Orshabaal. His only weakness might be the single-mindedness with which he pursues the destruction of his victims. In his lust for battle, he often forgets his surrounding and lives only for the moment of his next strike. Though Madareth loves playing cat and mouse with his victims, he quickly loses all finesse and fully indulges in his blood lust. It is unknown how such a beast is kept in check by The Ruthless Seven.

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It's one of the bosses of The Inquisition Quest.
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Physical Damage Melee (0-2000)
Energy Damage Energy Ball (180-660)
Death Damage Death Beam (600-850)
Missing Element Sharpshooter Smoke Wave (reduces your Distance Skill 60%-75% for 20 seconds)
⁠, ⁠,
Mana Drain Great Mana Drain Ball (0-250 Not often)
⁠, .

Damage Taken From Elements

Physical Bestiary Physical Icon Big.gif
Death Cursed Icon Big.gif
Holy Dazzled Icon Big.gif
Ice Freezing Icon Big.gif
Fire Burning Icon Big.gif
Energy Electrified Icon Big.gif
Earth Poisoned Icon Big.gif


Teleporter after The Foundry.


Madareth retreats in black health.


an example how to trap Madareth

You need two blockers with Level 200 or higher, two healers and more than 5 shooters. Madareth's Ward contains Shredderthrowers and a Paralyzing Pillar in the middle. Trap him in a corner using the geography of the area and the blockers - ready to heal themselves and Challenge, because Madareth often retargets - while Mages summon Fire Devils to attack with Fire-Based Attacks. NOTE that it's POSSIBLE to solo this creature with a Paladin wearing Assassin Stars and Ethereal Spear, with good skills and around level 250+. Be careful though, if he will get to you, you may take a nice combo so keep distance at all costs.