You see Lynda
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Thais, on Royal Avenue at the church east of the castle.


She can wed you and your loved one.
Lynda is a priestess of the great pantheon. She is a servant of the good gods and she bewares the evil ones. She knows a lot about them.
Before she became a priest she won the Miss Tibia contest three times in a row (as Gregor said). She is liked by everyone in Thais.

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Part of the Kissing a Pig Quest, the (male) Mage Outfits Quest and the (female) Summoner Outfits Quest.
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General keywords

Player: hi
Lynda: Welcome in the name of the gods, {pilgrim} Player!
Player: job or pilgrim
Lynda: I am a priest of the great pantheon.
Player: priest
Lynda: Well, as a priest I can tell you everything about {blessings}. I can also carry out a {marriage ceremony} to bind your and your beloved's soul together.
Player: blessings
Lynda: There are five blessings available in five sacred places: the spiritual shielding, the spark of the phoenix, the embrace of Tibia, the fire of the suns and the wisdom of solitude. Additionally, you can receive the twist of fate here.
Player: marriage ceremony
Lynda: Before we can start the marriage ceremony, each of you need to hand me a blank wedding ring and a box with a wedding outfit. Player, do you have these items with you and are you willing to give them to me now?
Player: no
Lynda: Hm, then not.
Player: sins
Lynda: Do you wish to confess your sins?
Player: yes
Lynda: So tell me what shadows your soul, my child.
Player: anything
Lynda: Meditate on that and pray for your soul.
Player: ritual
Lynda: I don't wish to be rude, but I am terribly busy right now, Player. All these premium believers demand my attention, and they have priority. I'm sorry!
Player: how are you
Lynda: Thank you, I'm fine, and humble in the knowledge that the Gods are with me.
Player: news
Lynda: Sorry, I have had no enlightening visions lately.
Player: king
Lynda: King Tibianus is our benevolent sovereign.
Player: life
Lynda: Life is a gift of the gods, honor life and don't destroy it.
Player: mission or quest
Lynda: It is my mission to spread knowledge about the gods.
Player: name
Lynda: My name is Lynda. And the spirits tell me that you are Player.
Player: tibia
Lynda: The world of Tibia is the creation of the gods.
Player: time
Lynda: Now, it is 12:42 am.
Player: monsters
Lynda: They are creatures of the gods of evil!
Player: ice cream
Lynda: Ice cream?? What ... ice cream you are talking about?
Player: fire
Lynda: Fire is one of the primal elemental forces, sometimes worshipped by tribal shamans.
Player: air
Lynda: Air is one of the primal elemental forces, sometimes worshipped by tribal shamans.
Player: Angelina
Lynda: My friend Angelina left for a pilgrimage but she never returned... I wish there were someone who could tell me that she is safe, who has seen her with their own eyes.
Player: Eclesius
Lynda: May the Gods protect him. And others around him. It's not easy living the way he does. Nor is it safe.
Player: Lugri
Lynda: He is a follower of evil. The Gods will punish him in due course.
Player: bye
Lynda: Good bye, Player. May the gods guard you, my child!

The gods of good

Player: gods
Lynda: The gods of good guard us and guide us, the gods of evil want to destroy us and steal our souls!
Player: the gods of good
Lynda: The gods we call the good ones are Fardos, Uman, the Elements, Suon, Crunor, Nornur, Bastesh, Kirok, Toth, and Banor.
Player: Fardos
Lynda: Fardos is the creator, the great obsever. He is our caretaker.
Player: Uman
Lynda: Uman is the positive aspect of magic. He brings us the secrets of the arcane arts.
Player: Suon
Lynda: Suon is the lifebringing sun. He observes the creation with love.
Player: Crunor
Lynda: Crunor, the great tree, is the father of all plantlife. He is a prominent god for many druids.
Player: Nornur
Lynda: Nornur is the mysterious god of fate. Who knows if he is its creator or just a chronist?
Player: Bastesh
Lynda: Bastesh, the deep one, is the goddess of the sea and its creatures.
Player: Kirok
Lynda: Kirok, the mad one, is the god of scientists and jesters.
Player: Toth
Lynda: Toth, lord of death, is the keper of the souls, the guardian of the afterlife.
Player: Banor
Lynda: Banor, the heavenly warrior, is the patron of all fighters against evil. He is the gift of the gods to inspire humanity.

The gods of evil

Player: gods of evil
Lynda: The goods we call the evil ones are Zathroth, Fafnar, Brog, Urgith, and the Archdemons!
Player: Zathroth
Lynda: Zathroth is the destructive aspect of magic. He is the deceiver and the thief of souls.
Player: Fafnar
Lynda: Fafnar is the scorching sun. She observes the creation with hate and jealousy.
Player: Brog
Lynda: Brog, the raging one, is the great destroyer. The berserk of darkness.
Player: Urgith
Lynda: The bonemaster Urgith is the lord of the undead and keeper of the damned souls.
Player: the Archdemons
Lynda: The demons are followers of Zathroth. The cruelest are known as the ruthless seven.
Player: Ruthless Seven
Lynda: I dont want to talk about that subject!
Player: Ferumbras
Lynda: He is a favourite of the gods of evil and one of the champions of evil.

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