Luring is to move a Creature from it natural Spawn point to a certain place. This could be making the Creature to follow the lurer or roping up the Creature. Normally, monsters can be lured 50 squares from their spawn, and raid monsters can be lured without restrictions, and some monsters may have smaller luring range to avoid abuse, like the slime under Carlin.

Lurers do this to kill people they dislike (especially in Non-PvP Worlds where you can't attack other people, or to kill on PvP without getting a skull).

Luring was considered against the Tibia Rules in non-pvp worlds before 2010, when the Tibia Rules were reformulated, and could ruin your reputation.

It is not always bad, as players usually lure Creatures to use them for training, and for special occasions, like making Zoo's etc. The August 2005 update introduced a new feature where once a monster was taken too far from its spawn point, it would dissapear. This was intended to eliminate luring. However, some Paladins have reported having trouble killing Giant Spiders, because of the popular tactic of running while shooting over their shoulder. This causes the Giant Spider to disappear while still engaged in combat with the Paladin. Similar problems may exist with the other spawns (example, Valkyrie).

Bosses, monsters that spawn from quests and monsters from raids are not restricted by the normal "anti-luring" boundaries.

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Old Lures (not possible anymore)