You see Lurik


Eastern Svargrond, east of Depot


Lurik is one of the few main land inhabitants who have gained the trust from the jarl Sven, and so some of the citizens in Svargrond will ask you to represent Svargrond with the Explorer Society to Lurik. The Northern Lands book can be found on the second floor of his Explorer Society building.
The CipSoft content creators put a little joke in his script. If you ask him name he will answer: "My name is Lurik. Odd enough you ask though. People hardly do that nowadays. I feel as if my name was painted above my head or something." which is of course true.

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Part of The Ice Islands Quest, The Contact mission.
Part of The Explorer Society, The Island of Dragons mission.

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Trade Details


This NPC does not buy any items.


Item   Value
Orichalcum Pearl Other Items Other Items80


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 == General keywords ==

Player: hi
Lurik: Welcome to the explorer society headquarter of Svargrond, Player!
Player: name
Lurik: My name is Lurik. Odd enough you ask though. People hardly do that nowadays. I feel as if my name was painted above my head or something.
Player: job
Lurik: I am the local contact of the explorer's society. I just love it to be at the frontier of all known lands.
Player: king or queen
Lurik: No kings or queens rule these remote lands.
Player: Enemies
Lurik: This is a dangerous, unforgiving land. If you leave the city, you will have to deal with creatures that survive in this harsh environment. They are for sure a challenge for the unwary.
Player: gods
Lurik: We know of father Chyll and his freezing breath. We care little for other gods. It is foolish to meddle with beings that are so powerful ...
Lurik: We leave it to the druids and shamans to handle such affairs.
Player: Chyll
Lurik: Father north wind is called Chyll by our people. He is an unforgiving hunter. He knows no mercy with the weak ...
Chyll is a harsh god and the best you can do is to avoid his attention. Only the shamans and druids deal with him.
Player: Ferumbras
Lurik: Even here we heard about this powerful man. Travellers from the south only dare to whisper his name.
Player: Excalibug
Lurik: On the campfire, there are numerous tales about this weapon. It's told that it has been missing since ages ...
Lurik: In my opinion, the power and fame of a weapon shouldn't exceed the power and fame of it's wielder. And I have not heard of any hero whose fame would surpass that of excalibug.
Player: news
Lurik: At this remote spot, news are old news. Did you hear that quara attacked Liberty Bay?
Player: how are you?
Lurik: I am fine. Thank you. There is a bit less work here than I had expected but I am sure we will have some intriguing discoveries just waiting for us.
Player: dwarf
Lurik: I met some of those little people in the past. Considering our experience with the chakoyas, we don't underestimate someone just for its look. And those dwarfs proved indeed to be powerful, courageous and enduring.
Player: elf
Lurik: Some time ago, a few elves came here but they could not stand the cold and so they left pretty soon. Most likely it was Nibelor in which they have been interested.

Explorer's society

Player: explorer's society
Lurik: Our noble society is dedicated to explore the unknown. No location is too remote for our members to travel there ...
Lurik: No beast is too wild to be hunted. No treasure buried too deep to be unearthed ...
Lurik: Only the most dedicated and fearless adventurers may join our ranks.
Player: join (already a member)
Lurik: But you are already a member, Player.
Player: rank (rank)
Lurik: You are a novice of the explorer's society.
Player: badge
Lurik: You have no special badge earned yet.
Player: mission
Lurik: Sorry, I have no mission available.


Player: city
Lurik: This city has seen much in the few days of its existence. At first it was a little trading spot where ships form Carlin landed. Later it became a deposit for ore that has been mined in the mountains ...
Lurik: Then local people joined the traders from Carlin and supplied them with fish, furs and meat ...
Lurik: Soon it became a small settlement and the locals, fascinated with the abundance of wood the traders brought with them, begun to build houses ...
Lurik: It became a centre of conflict when some barbarians decided it was wrong to settle in a town and later on struggled to survive when the contact to Carlin was lost for decades ...
Lurik: Today, the city got a little boost by the presence of foreigners here. But only the future will tell what the fate of this city will be.
Player: druids or shamans
Lurik: Most shaman and druids of our people live on the sacred isle Nibelor. There, they divine the future, calm the wrath of father Chyll and prepare the dead for their last travel to the lands of Everspring.
Player: Nibelor
Lurik: Nibelor has always been a sacred place for our people. The druids and shamans live there.
Player: Everspring
Lurik: Everspring is the realm of the dead. It is a place of peace and harmony where those who boldly braved the challenges of life dwell for eternity and share stories at the campfires after a hunt ...
Lurik: Every true barbarian that is properly brought into afterlife will join the great hunt in Everspring where the animals are fat and have the thickest furs.
Player: cult
Lurik: I don't care what people who come here believe in. If they provoke father Chyll, he will take care of them on his own. If their gods prove to be more powerful than Chyll, they might deserve to live.
Player: jarl
Lurik: The jarl is a kind of chieftain of the local people here. If you haven't done yet, talk to him. If you want to be accepted by the people here, you will have to ask the jarl for the barbarian test.
Player: barbarian
Lurik: A true barbarian is something special among our people. Everyone who wants to become a barbarian will have to pass the barbarian test.
Player: barbarian test
Lurik: All of our juveniles have to take the barbarian test to become a true member of our community. Foreigners who manage to master the test might become honorary barbarians and gain the respect of our people.
Player: people
Lurik: The people here seem to be a bit uncivilised on the first glance. Rest rest assured that they are hospitable and generous if you earn their respect in some way.
Player: raiders
Lurik: Those barbarian who did oppose the building of this settlements call themselves raiders. They consist of some major and minor clans. ...
Lurik: It's said that they are lead by a shaman woman, who has celebrated her 100th birthday a long time ago, but I am not sure how believable such records are.
Player: mines
Lurik: A long time ago when the trade with Carlin was flourishing, people actually worked in the mines. During the years of the serpents, the mines had been abandoned. ...
Lurik: Later, the raiders took shelter there, although they blame us for living in a fortified city ...
Lurik: Now, the traders of Carlin are back but some other foreigners seem to have claimed the mines from the raiders ...
Lurik: It's neither our business nor would we have the manpower to help them to recapture the mines. Also, if they do not have the strength to get the mines back on their own, they don't deserve them anyway.
Player: years of serpents
Lurik: It was an astonishing phenomenon. For decades, sea serpents made it impossible to reach these northern isles by ship ...
Lurik: The most puzzling part of this event is probably the fact that sea serpents usually prefer a southern climate ...
Lurik: However, almost over night the sea serpents seemed to be gone and the contact between Carlin and the isles here could finally be reestablished.
Player: chakoya
Lurik: It's a shame I still have not seen a living chakoya. I could examine some dead specimen though and I have seen some of their victims ...
Lurik: It's hard to believe that such a small creature is such a terrible threat but for all I can tell they are indeed quite dangerous.
Player: yeti
Lurik: The yetis are mythical beasts. Only few that encountered those creatures lived to tell the tale. The chakoyas worship them as divine beings, although they have no real relations to them, as far as we can tell.


Player: Carlin
Lurik: We are friends of the Carliners. Still we don't allow their politics to influence our way to handle things here.
Player: Edron or Port Hope
Lurik: We have heard only little about this far away place.
Player: Venore
Lurik: We did not allow them to stay here. This had nothing to do with our friendship with Carlin but for the way they handled things and their harmful approach to go hunting.
Player: Thais
Lurik: We understand that our friends from Carlin are wary with the realm ruled by Thais but this is not of our concern.
Player: bye
Lurik: Good bye. Come back soon with exciting stories about your travels.

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