You see Lugri
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Underground near Alatar Lake, north of Thais.


He is a servant of Ruthless Seven. If you tell him "death to noodles" and give him the Life Crystal he asked he will set you on fire (it will last 10 minutes and will cause 250 of damage). He used to set you on fire if you asked him for a mission and said no, but this doesn't happen any more. He can divorce you for 10,000 gold.

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General keywords

Player: hi
Lugri: What is it that you want, Player?
Player: job
Lugri: I am a priest of Zathroth, the bringer of dark secrets.
Player: king
Lugri: This puny king is no threat for our master's plans.
Player: life
Lugri: Life is war. It's about survival of the fittest.
Player: mission or quest
Lugri: Aren't we all on a quest for survival and supremacy?
Player: fight
Lugri: Life is an eternal fight!
Player: help
Lugri: If you cant help yourself you are not worth of my assistance.
Player: people
Lugri: The people of Tibia are sheep, so be smart and strong enough to become their wolf.
Player: name
Lugri: My name is Lugri.
Player: Tibia
Lugri: The world of Tibia is to be taken by the strongest.
Player: time
Lugri: Who cares?
Player: monsters
Lugri: They are a challenge to sift the chaff from the wheat.
Player: Goshnar
Lugri: The necromant king was only defeated by the nightmare knights due to a bad twist of fate.
Player: Pits of inferno
Lugri: After the ruthless seven conquered it, it's again a holy place for the followers of the dark path.
Player: Excalibug
Lugri: It's existence is just a lie to inspire hope and bravery in the hearts of the followers of good.
Player: necromants nectar
Lugri: That's none of your business!
Player: death to noodless
Lugri: So, I guess you have brought me a magic crystal?
Player: mission
Lugri: You have passed all missions and proven your loyalty to Zathroth, player.
Player: god
Lugri: The gods of darkness give us the chance to reach our whole potentials, the gods of good want to capture us in eternal stasis!
Player: Priest
Lugri: I'm a servant of the only true God - Zathroth. As such I can also carry out divorces. Just in case you're interested.
Player: Divorces
Lugri: Spreading anguish and divorcing couples are fun leisure activities. Are you married, you fool?
Player: No
Lugri: Then let us leave it at that.
Player: Divorces
Lugri: Spreading anguish and divorcing couples are fun leisure activities. Are you married, you fool?
Unmarried Player: Yes
Lugri: You're not really. You have imaginary friends and lovers, do you? Pitiful.


Gods of darkness

Player: gods of darkness
Lugri: The glorious gods of darkness are Zathroth, Fafnar, Brog, Urgith, and the Archdemons.
Player: Zathroth
Lugri: Zathroth represents the true and unbound power of magic. He is the keeper of great secrets.
Player: Fafnar
Lugri: Fafnar is the power of the sun. She burns the weak to ashes.
Player: Brog
Lugri: Brog, the raging one, the great destroyer, the berserk of darkness ... call him how you like, but fear his awesome power.
Player: Urgith
Lugri: Urgith is the master of the undead. The bonemaster also takes care of the damned souls.


Ruthless Seven

Player: Archdemons
Lugri: The demons are powerful followers of Zathroth. Their leaders are known as the ruthless seven.
Player: ruthless seven
Lugri: Infernatil, Pumin, Verminor, Tafariel, Apocalypse, Bazir and Ashfalor.
Player: Infernatil
Lugri: The incendiary of hell.
Player: Pumin
Lugri: He is the lord of despair.
Player: Verminor
Lugri: Ah, the plaguelord.
Player: Tafariel
Lugri: She is the mistress of the damned! Rewarding or torturing, it is the same for her victims!
Player: Apocalypse
Lugri: It is said even speaking its TRUE name will bring total destruction to you!
Player: Bazir
Lugri: He is the great deciver, the lord of lies.
Player: Ashfalor
Lugri: The right hand of Urgith. The general of the undead hordes.


Gods of good

Player: Crunor
Lugri: Crunor is a plantgod ... and plants exist to be stomped over.
Player: Banor
Lugri: Banor isn't a god at all, but one of their tools. It is stupidity to worship a tool, isn't it?
Player: Fafnar
Lugri: Fafnar is the power of the sun. She burns the weak to ashes.
Player: Fardos
Lugri: Fardos is the creator. He is a helpless watcher whose 'creation' is far more then he bargained for.
Player: Kirok
Lugri: Kirok, the mad one, is the patron of scientists and jesters, more a nuisance than a god.
Player: Nornur
Lugri: Nornur fancies himself as god of fate without even understanding the ways of fate at all.
Player: Sula
Lugri: Sula is just the mindless elemental power of water.
Player: Suon
Lugri: Suon is one of the suns of our world. He gives his light mindlessly to the weak and the strong alike.
Player: Toth
Lugri: Toth is just the undertaker for the other 'gods of good'.
Player: Uman
Lugri: Uman is a jealous keeper of magic. He gives only little knowledge to the mortals.



Player: task
Lugri: What? Who are you to imply I need help from a worm like you? ...
Lugri: I don't need help. But if you desperately wish to do something to earn the favour of Zathroth, feel free. Don't expect any reward though. ...
Lugri: Do you want to help and serve Zathroth out of your own free will, without demanding payment or recognition?
Player: yes
Lugri: You do? I mean - wise decision. Let me explain. By now, Tibia has been overrun by numerous followers of different cults and beliefs. The true Necromancers died or left Tibia long ago, shortly after their battle was lost. ...
Lugri: What is left are mainly pseudo-dark pretenders, the old wisdom and power being far beyond their grasp. They think they have the right to tap that dark power, but they don't. ...
Lugri: I want you to eliminate them. As many as you can. All of the upstart necromancer orders, and those priestesses. And as I said, don't expect a reward - this is what has to be done to cleanse Tibia of its false dark prophets.

Player: donation
Lugri: Do you want to make a donation?
Player: yes
Lugri: May the gods of darkness bless you!
Player: Donation
Lugri: Do you want to make a donation?
Player: No
Lugri: As you wish.


Player: bye
Lugri: Leave now, Player. The gods of darkness will watch your soul!