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You see Lucius
NPC Bubble D.gif
  • Bring some light to the world in these dark days!
  • It's the time of the year where we all need some light.
  • Argh... curse those silly dwarves!
  • I think I've seen your face before.


Yalahar (Magician Quarter, south of Ethan), Kazordoon (in the Lightbearer reward room, here) and Temple of Light (here).


Only appears during The Lightbearer event in November.
Lucius has made a surprise visit to Kazordoon to give some extra rewards to the Lightbearers. Get an Ore Wagon ticket and go to the Kazordoon entrance near the ore wagons. Just south is a new wagon that leads to Lucius's room.

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Part of the Lightbearer event.
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Trade Details


Item   Value
Midnight Shard 1Other Items Other Items1,000


This NPC does not sell any items.


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After the The Lightbearer Event Has Started

Player: hi
Lucius: Greetings, Player.
Player: light
Lucius: Let's not talk here. I prefer to meet you in the Temple of Light. Will you accompany me there now?
Player: yes
Lucius: Come join me in my room.


In the Temple

Player: hi
Lucius: Greetings, Player! We have no time to waste. Let's talk about an urgent {mission}.
Player: mission
Lucius: This is the time of the year where demons try hardest to break through to our world. I try my best to keep them away by spiritually empowering those magical fire basins here in the Temple of Light. ...
Lucius: However, I cannot be everywhere at the same time, and there are ten {spots} all over Tibia where the layer between our world and the hellish world is especially thin. ...
Lucius: You need to travel to these places within a day after I gave you a magical torch. I summoned a lightbearer's basin there, similar to those here in the temple. ...
Lucius: You have to use the torch on a basin to power its light. Then it will have regain enough energy to burn brightly for another two hours. ...
Lucius: If you look at a basin, you can see how much energy there is still left. As long as all fire basins are burning, no creatures will be able to enter Tibia. ...
Lucius: However, when only one fire basin turns dark and disappears, powerful demons will be unleashed onto this world. ...
Lucius: You have to keep the fire burning for five days, and on the last day the demons will be so weakened that you can dispose of them easily when they come. ...
Lucius: I can give you only one torch which lasts for a day and will then disappear. Also, you can only use your torch ONCE on each basin. ...
Lucius: Thus you need to work together with your fellow Tibians, so that someone can always keep the fire basins burning, on each of the five days. ...
Lucius: I can either give you the torch now - but remember it will only last for a day - or hold onto it for you until your time to be a lightbearer has come. Do you want that torch right now?
Player: yes
Lucius: Here is your torch, Player. You have a day now to keep the light on all ten {spots} burning, and remember you can only use your torch ONCE one each spot. ...
Lucius: And be careful - evil might send its minions there from time to time to keep you from lighting the basin.
Player: spots
Lucius: There are ten of these fire basins all over Tibia. Ask me for any number between {one} and {ten} to learn more about the location where it can be found.
Player: one
Lucius: The first place might be somewhat hard to find... it is on the Formorgar glacier on Svargrond.
Player: two
Lucius: The second place is in the Plains of Havoc near the Knightwatch Tower.
Player: three
Lucius: The third place is underneath the taboo area of Port Hope.
Player: four
Lucius: The fourth place is in the prison underneath Kazordoon.
Player: five
Lucius: The fifth place is on Ramoa, one of the Forbidden Islands close to Liberty Bay.
Player: six
Lucius: The sixth place is in the northern ruins of Edron, near the entrance to the demon lair.
Player: seven
Lucius: The seventh place is deep underneath Drefia, at the top of the pentagram.
Player: eight
Lucius: The eighth place is in the middle of Hellgate. It can be found close to a necromantic ritual place.
Player: nine
Lucius: The ninth place is not very dangerous to reach. It is near Ankrahmun, in the tomb that's covered with tar pits.
Player: ten
Lucius: The tenth place is quite close to here. Go to the area of the magician quarter where the earth is broken up and hellish creatures are crawling to the surface. ...
Lucius: Go one level down through one of the holes and search for the fire basin in this area.
Player: job
Lucius: Well, I use to call myself a 'lightbearer'. I provide magical {torches} to light fires at places where hellish creatures are trying to enter our world, thus fending them off.
Player: torch
Lucius: Those magical torches burn for much longer than normal torches. They will also protect you while you carry them. If you are willing to take on this {mission}, let me know.
Player: name
Lucius: My name is Lucius.
Player: <anything that's not a key word>
Lucius: I would love to chat about that with you, but right now your {mission} is much more important.
Player: bye
Lucius: Farewell and safe journeys, Player.


In the Reward Room after Success

Player: hi
Lucius: May light be with you, Player!
Player: shard
Lucius: Midnight shards are splinters of evil souls. Every one you bring to me is appreciated. I can either {trade} your shards for gold coins, or share some of my {experience} with you.
Player: experience
Lucius: Would you like to trade all of your shards for x experience points? Note that you can't trade more than 40 shards total for experience, the rest will remain in your inventory.
Player: yes
Lucius: Here. Well done!
Player: trade
Lucius: If you would like to trade any shards you might have for gold coins, just do so.
Player: <anything that's not a keyword>
Lucius: Please understand if I'm not too talkative right now, I'm still really tired from staying awake through so many nights. You can still trade {midnight shards} if you want to though.
Player: bye
Lucius: Farewell Player, and have a safe trip back!