You see Lubo
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  • Stop by and rest a while, tired adventurer! Have a look at my wares!


North-east of Thais in Lubo's Adventurer-Shop.


Lubo claims to sell maps, but apparently he just sold the last one five minutes ago. Lubo's dog is named Ruffy.


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You see a blackboard.
You read: Welcome to the great Adventurer-Shop!
We sell nearly everything an adventurer could need.
Ask for the different goods you need.
Sometimes we sell rare maps from this mountain.

Player: hi
Lubo: Welcome to my adventurer shop, Player! What do you need?
Player: job
Lubo: I am selling equipment for adventurers. If you need anything, let me know.
Player: equipment or wares or sell or buy
Lubo: I sell torches, fishing rods, worms, ropes, water hoses, backpacks, apples, and maps.
Player: maps
Lubo: Oh! I'm sorry, I sold the last one just five minutes ago.
Player: outfit
Lubo: Sorry, but I can only make one backpack per person, else I'd have to close my shop and open a leather manufactory.
Player: hat
Lubo: My hat? Hanna made this one for me.
Player: magic
Lubo: There's a lot of magic flowing in the mountain to the north.
Player: name
Lubo: I am Lubo, the owner of this shop.
Player: time
Lubo: It is exactly current time.
Player: weapon
Lubo: If you want to buy weapons, you'll have to go to a town or city.
Player: dog
Lubo: This is Ruffy my dog, please don't do him any harm.
Player: mountains
Lubo: It is said that once there lived a great magician on the top of this mountain.
Player: inn
Lubo: Frodo runs a nice inn in the near town Thais.
Player: magician
Lubo: I don't remember his name, but it's said that his banner was the black eye.
Player: pet
Lubo: There are some strange stories about a magicians pet names. Ask Hoggle about it.
Player: finger
Lubo: Oh, you sure mean this old story about the mage Dago, who lost two fingers when he conjured a dragon.